A floor of current style

A floor of current style

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Although the owners of this 120 m2 house, located in the center of Madrid, they are linked to the world of decoration - she owns the La Wax store, Arte en Velas - they preferred to entrust the reform of their apartment to Manuel García Tages, director of A.T.P. Architects The work focused on reorganizing access to the kitchen and bedrooms, to achieve a more functional distribution, and to integrate the hall into the living room to achieve open spaces. García Tages was also in charge of decoration, with furniture and materials that reflected the latest trends. The simple line designs give every corner of the house an undeniable current air, with furniture that, as in the case of the living room table lamp - designed by Ingo Maurer - is a decorative reference. He chromatic chiaroscuro game, so fashionable, it can be seen in the living room, with wenge wooden tables and chairs and stone-colored upholstery, and also in the kitchen, where white modules and wenge finish alternated to achieve a more dynamic space.

The sobriety of lines and colors softened with supplements in sumptuous fabrics and very warm ranges, and with the choice of beech - a light wood that creates cozy environments - for the floor and the doors of passage. The study of the points of light was a key aspect in the planning of the decoration. Manuel García Tages differentiated two types of installation: the usual one in a house, with spotlights on the ceiling and floor or table lamps, and another flush, with recessed spotlights at ground level to achieve a relaxing environment. In the bathroom which is located inside the bedroom of the owners, suite type, highlights the double glazed countertop that incorporates a rice paper which lights with the recessed spotlight installed below. This same point of light, in turn, enhances a small zen garden which decorates the shower area, which rose a few centimeters above ground level to facilitate drainage.

A suggestive environment is achieved, too, in the other bathroom thanks to the work niche made in the wall, with recessed overhead lights that give the accessories and towels stored in it a decorative role. The work solutions, such as the shelves and the low furniture of the living room, made with plasterboard, solve part of the needs of the warehouse without disentangling in the decoration of an avant-garde house that, in addition, is eminently practical.

Advertising - Keep reading below In the living room

highlights the play of chiaroscuro of wenge furniture and stone-colored upholstery. So that the atmosphere was not cold, cushions of sumptuous fabrics and warm colors were chosen. Sofas, by Ibor Maison. Cushions, by LaDecó and Nombok. Coffee table, from Molteni. Freman side table. The lamp is a classic design by Ingo Maurer. Candles, from La Wax. Coconut fiber carpet, from LaDecó.

In the classroom

highlights an original piece of furniture that combines work shelves and cabinets with maple doors to store dishes. The television set and the stereo were placed on it. Candles, from La Wax.

The dining room table

It was chosen with metal structure and glass envelope, materials that lighten the space. The color note is placed by a floor lamp with fuchsia lampshade, from La Continental. Molteni table and chairs, for sale in Ibor Maison. Crockery by LaDecó. Candles, from La Wax.

The kitchen

It was furnished with functional designs of current style. To make the space more dynamic, white modules were alternated and in wenge finish.

In the kitchen

a newspaper canteen was created next to the window. The blind allows to regulate and clarify the intensity of natural light at every moment of the day. Table and lamp, from La Continental. Household, by LaDecó and La Wax.

In the master bedroom

a wall-to-wall work headboard was made, which allows its surface to be used as a shelf to place candles, from La Wax, and decorative complements, from Nombok. Lingerie, by LaDecó. Blanket, from Nombok.

The bedroom

It was conceived as a suite, with the bathroom incorporated into the room and a separate dressing room. Silla, from La Continental. Picture by Larramendi. Carpet by LaDecó.

In the main bathroom

highlights the double glazed glass countertop, in which two sinks were embedded. Between the glass sheets, a rice paper was installed, which is illuminated with the spotlight underneath, on the wall, and which enhances the Zen grid that decorates the shower. The complements are from La Wax and Nombok.

In a bathroom wall

A work niche with recessed spotlights was made that is very practical to place towels and cosmetic products in a decorative way.


Do you want to recreate an environment of current style? Play with the chiaroscuro as was done here. From Bruguer: orange D6.30.60, eggplant B2.10.30 and chocolate A0.30.30.