A flat with low cost decoration full of ingenuity

A flat with low cost decoration full of ingenuity

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In the newly built neighborhood of Ripagaina, in Pamplona, ​​our reader Raquel found an apartment of 88 square meters with 3 bedrooms perfect for her and her partner almost a year ago. Although it was new, he wanted to make it more his own by giving it a few touches, lacquering the skirting boards and white doors, changing the floor and the shower tray of the bathrooms and creating a dressing room in one of the rooms to leave the main one freer without needing Place a closet in it.

Raquel is a kindergarten teacher, but she has always been passionate about decorating and has used her home to give free rein to her imagination and ingenuity. "My challenge was to have to decorate with a tight budget and that everything was practical and beautiful," he explains. To achieve this, he searched stores like Ikea, Zara Home, Maisons du Monde, H&M Home or Leroy Merlin, choosing pieces that were compatible with the money that could be spent and with his tastes.

"It is not necessary to think that only people with high budgets can have beautiful and stylish houses," says the owner emphatically. Your home is proof of that. Raquel has pulled ingenuity to fill her floor with personality, such as the headboard of the bed she made with a painted garden lattice, the auxiliary furniture of the living room that is actually a towel rail, the fireplace front that presides over her living room and to which He added a wallpaper with tiles to give it depth or the pictures next to the TV where her and her partner's tattoos are represented.

Photos: Ana Osés

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Combining a wallpaper with plant motifs and a geometric mirror is a good way to add character to an entry.

Living room

In gray and white tones with wood.


Raquel has reused a towel rail as auxiliary furniture for the living room.

Everything fits On the skin

The tattoos of Raquel and her partner are represented in two of the paintings in the room: Eat that way Y Strenght.

Heat of home

Raquel has used a wallpaper that represents tiles to give depth to the front of the fireplace that decorates her living room.

A table set

View of the dining room.

Winning combination

The chairs, of different models, combine perfectly when using the same colors: black and white.

Decorated with love

Raquel has taken care of all the details.


In white and pink. The bench at the foot of the bed provides extra texture.

With his hands Courtesy of Rachel

The headboard is actually a garden lattice that Raquel painted white.

Extra space

He decided to use one of the three rooms as a dressing room to have more space in the master bedroom and to put a dresser and a chair.

Suite bathroom

View of the bedroom suite bathroom.

Budget adjusted

All pieces come from low cost stores.

Applied Girl

In one of the bedrooms, a work area.

Second bedroom Dressing room

Taking advantage of the fact that the apartment has 3 bedrooms, Raquel has used one as a dressing room.

Part by part

Thanks to modular cabinets and shelves you have been able to assemble a complete dressing room without getting out of the budget.


The hats serve as decoration.


The lounge before.

Without furniture Bedroom before

With ribbons that delimit the spaces that the furniture will occupy.

Before Bedroom before The bathroom before