The refuge house of two surf lovers

The refuge house of two surf lovers

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Kate Towill of the interior design studio Basic Projects, believes that the first ideas are as instinctive as they are revealing. For this reason, every time a new job begins, ask your customers three words to describe how they want the final result to be. "Shelter", "summer" and "barefoot" were chosen by a couple who contacted her to decorate their newly released bungalow on the island of Sullivan, in South Carolina. Designed by architect Heather Wilson, inspired by the traditional constructions of Hawaii (one of the favorite places of the owners and where they spend several months a year surfing), Kate confesses that one of the main challenges of the project was to create a space that so Minimalist and lived as your customers wanted.

Natural textures and tactile sensations have played a very important role to achieve this effect: "the cold and soft cement floor, the organic linen that caresses you when you lie on the sofa, the plants around you and the warm and pleasant carpets by touching them with your feet ... It seems that you will listen to the music of a ukulele every time you go through the door, "says the interior designer, who wanted to create a home that would remind the inhabitants of their dream paradise in the Pacific and is present in each stay in the form of a poster, photos vintage or surfboards.

Although the house is newly built "we wanted it to give the feeling that they had lived in it for years," Kate explains. "We get it by using pieces with many details and high quality that seem to have been collected over time." The secret of a house with personality and soul is, for the interior designer, "do not buy everything at once. Do not hurry when looking for pieces that have some special meaning for you. It is better to have few quality furniture and that make you happy, because over time they will even improve and accompany you for life. " Nothing more to add.

Photo: Olivia Rae James, courtesy of Basic Projects

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The study Basic Projects Sign the interior of this bungalow designed by architect Heather Wilson.


The owner couple loves surfing and Hawaii, so the studio wanted to wink all over the house to the Hawaiian theme.


Next to the living room area, a work shelf made of plaster.

European touch

The coffee table is Belgian and the interior designer found it in 1stdibs.

Large Format

The artwork is from Ty Williams.

Very natural

To get a look Naturally, the interior designer has used textiles such as linen and materials such as wood and wicker.

Star appearance

In a snoring room, a peacock chair of natural fibers with textiles vintage of Hawaii in pink.

Jungalow Style

The plants invade for the corner of the house.

Light colors The big wave

In another corner, more plants and a surfboard vintage.

At his feet

The kilims come from local antique stores.

Open hearth

The two-sided fireplace is open to the living room and dining room and serves as a separator for both spaces.

Between two waters

A small grid sideboard with a round mirror serves as a transition between the living room and dining room.

Continuous ground

With the exception of the bedroom, the floors throughout the house are polished cement.

Dining room with benches

The dining room table and benches are from the English brand Another Country.


To make the work structure that makes up the chimney and benches more cozy, the interior designer finished off the edges rounding them up and placed warm textiles from House of Cindy.

The best company

Delilah, the golden retriever of the couple, resting in the fireplace.

Portrait of the inteirorist

Kate Towill in the dining room of the house.

The island of the treasure

The kitchen island delimits the work area without breaking the open concept and creates a bar for informal meals.

Ready to use

The owners love to cook, so Kate's challenge was to achieve a 100% functional kitchen, without neglecting the aesthetic part.

Take a sit

The kitchen bar stools are from Lostine Anna.

On foot

The kitchen furniture was made of work. The structure is made of plaster, the countertop is made of cement and the cabinets are made to measure with oak.

Give the bell

The kitchen hood is also work.

Water zone

A service area with sink and storage space has been installed next to the kitchen.

Grometry class

The tile front is customized by Smink Things.


Detail of the furniture made with sapeli wood.


A bank and coat hangers have contributed functionality to this space.

Down the stairs

This space was used by placing an old trunk.

At leg loose

The bed in the master bedroom is from Harbor Cane.

To stay blank

The floors of the bedrooms have been chosen in bleached oak.

Divine light

On the bedside tables vintage, Signal lamps.

White and wood

It has brought freshness and naturalness to the bedroom by combining white with the natural tones of wood.

Exit to the garden

In the bathroom of the master bedroom, a kilim brings warmth to the cement floor. The wooden doors give access to the garden.

Golden years

The bathroom has a piece of plaster and cement furniture and brass touches in the mirrors and faucets.

Visits are accepted

The couple wanted two extra bedrooms to host the frequent visits they receive

Hawaiian breeze

The wall has been decorated with photos, postcards and maps vintage of Hawaii framed.

Cool shower

The house has three bathrooms, two of them en suite.

Second guest bedroom Blue Point

On the bed, a quilt by the artist Caroline Z Hurley found on the website of Lizzi Fortunato.

Courtesy bathroom

The tiles are from Tabarka Studio.

Pure facade

Architect Heather Wilson was inspired by traditional Hawaiian buildings to project the bungalow.


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