An old apartment completely renovated

An old apartment completely renovated

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In a building built in the twenties was this 90 m floor², which had a lousy and very compartmentalized distribution. However, it had high ceilings and an excellent location in its favor in a central neighborhood of Madrid, according to the pace of life of their owners, a couple who bought it because they saw their possibilities. The renovation and the new decoration were commissioned Dimensi-on study, which projected a novel and practical distribution, to integrate the load-bearing walls parallel to the facade.

One of the keys of the project, which has completely transformed the house, it was to create a common area separated by a wall, but communicated by wide open openings on both sides. Now the living area -with access to the master bedroom, which integrates dressing room and bathroom-, looks towards the facade, with balcony windows. Inland, behind the wall, it was created an open space, which share a dining room and kitchen, but that is also a must-have area for the rest of the rooms. For that reason, it is an environment with impeccable aesthetics, which breaks with the image of a traditional kitchen.

Surprise in her the optical effect created with mirrors, the bell hidden in the false ceiling, the circular neon of the wall and the fusion of disparate floors, such as the hydraulic retro and the platform of slats. Too the bedrooms and bathrooms keep some deco surprises. In the former, the wallpapers focus attention with their marked contrasts. In the latter, the metallic basins are the pieces of luxe, which raise the decorative level.

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One of the load-bearing walls delimits the space of the living area, an environment decorated in white, which is energized with chromatic contrasts: brushstrokes in black, gray in gradient and the color mix of several artistic photographs. Behind the sofa wall, the kitchen and dining area were located. Sofa, by Chateau d'Ax. Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Blanket, from Habitat. Mesa, from The Collage. Vases, from Habitat. On the wall, photographs by Michael Monney, in

Walls with impact

Certain bursts of color and unique designs are very important in the interior design of this house. Around the fireplace in the living room a very studied symmetric composition with a lot of character was created, which also conveys a sense of order. That perfect chromatic combination on the walls has the effect of contemplating a work of art in a gallery, without leaving home ... On this wall a mirror stands out on the mouth oversized, ultra bright, polished steel, and two large format pieces, which are eco friendly. These are two original doors of the house that were not necessary with the new distribution. Once restored and lacquered, they become an exclusive fund for two design sideboards.

Stylish lounge

The seating area, facing the balcony windows, gives all the prominence to the fireplace wall, decorated with bursts of color and a mirror-sculpture of polished steel. Reform and interior design, from the Dimensi-on studio. Sideboards by More & More. Espejo Rondo, from Zieta. The doors, recovered from the house, were lacquered by Carpintek with Dimensi-on design. The deer head was acquired in The Collage. Ikea TV cabinet. Ceiling lamps, by Tass.

Connected spaces

The living room communicates with the master bedroom through a two-leaf door. When it is open, the room gains visual amplitude as it extends the perspective to the fireplace, on the opposite wall. Armchair, by Kartell. The cushion on it and the carpet are designs by Christian Lacroix for Designers Gulid, for sale at Usera Usera.

Stately balconies

A balcony in the living room becomes a charming viewpoint in & out with a bank of slats and some cushions. A good idea to take advantage of the beautiful viewpoints of the old houses. Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela.

Reflex game

Spectacular aesthetics of the kitchen, with the optical effect created by the mirrors on the bottom and back wall of the island, and the combination of pavements.
Plus style and focal point: The circular neon on the wall.
Pavements: hydraulic, Mosaic del Sur, and platform, Porcelanosa. Neon, of Iluminalia. Mesa, Antiques On Thursday. Chairs by Kartell. On the table and the island, utensils and accessories, of Habitat.

Two-color complements

Did you know they are trendy? One harmonizes with the dominant color in the deco and the other introduces a new one, which usually grabs attention. Just what happens with the vase, Habitat.

Black on white ...

A duo that arouses maximum interest. In the space shared by the dining room and kitchen, the concrete table breaks the chromatic homogeneity; It was acquired in Antiquities Thursday and Masters chairs are from Kartell.

Kitchen with island

In the distribution of the new kitchen, which is located in the center of the house after the reform, the large passage areas that make the circulation more fluid stand out. Hence the generous distance between the island, with ceramic hob, to the left of this image, and the front of cabinets, shelves and sink. The back door leads to the children's bedroom. The key element to break the total white look from the kitchen: a hydraulic tile floor. Kitchen furniture, from Doca. Cloths, from Zara Home.

Colorful baby's room

In the decoration of the children's bedroom it was decided to give all the prominence to the wall where the cradle was placed. A sky with clouds, covering its entire surface, watches the baby's dreams. Paper, by Jean Charles de Castelbajac. Cot, of Bopita. Chest of drawers, from Ikea. Basket, from Zara Home. Chair, Vitra Penguins and carpet, Habitat.

Order in the nursery

Grouping small stuffed animals in a basket is a practical idea to avoid chaos. Collecting them is also easy for the child, when the container is its size, as well as soft and light.

Visual continuity

The armchair next to the double door that leads to the bedroom creates a visual continuity with the black and white striped headboard wall.

Happy deco in the bedroom

The sobriety of black is nuanced with the message Smile which acts as headboard. Yellow strokes are enough to give more freshness and vitality to the bedroom. Wallpaper, from Rabadán. Decorative word, by Maisons du Monde. Yellow cushions, from Ikea. Cushion with ribbons, by Christian Lacroix, for Designers Guild, in Usera Usera, where the yellow blanket also comes from. Duvet cover, by Francis Montesinos. Bedside table by Kartell.

Original lamps

Before the paper, Rabadán, with so much visual impact on the decoration, we chose a lighting with a gastrobar design, which is a trend: bulbs hanging from the lampholder, with colored cable. Lamp, of Iluminalia.

With dressing room and bathroom

The master bedroom has a dressing room and bathroom, which communicate through large openings. Visual continuity between them and the rest area is achieved with vertical two-color stripes. Dressing room made to measure by Carpintek. Washbasin, by designer Jaime Hayón. Mirror, by Kartell. Towels and mat, from Zara Home.

A luxury washbasin

Bet on white to give prominence to a piece as special as a metallic washbasin, designed by Jaime Hayón. The finishing touch: an elegant hexagonal tiling, from Mosaic del Sur, full of nuances. Towels, from Habitat.

House plan

During the renovation walls were demolished and only the loading partitions were respected. Thus, a functional and practical distribution was achieved. The gold brooch is undoubtedly the decorative proposal.