[LaCasaDe] This is the new office of Cervantes Remedies

[LaCasaDe] This is the new office of Cervantes Remedies

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Asun Riaza

"It's never too late for a woman to start a new life project if she has the capacity for effort and work." That's how enthusiastic it shows Cervantes Remedies after having taken a radical turn to her professional career, and that is that the former actress and television presenter decided to abandon his career before the cameras to devote himself fully to his new company of marketing digital in Valencia.

Located in an 18th century building in the heart of the city, next to the emblematic Town Hall Square, the design of the office maintains the richness of the architecture of its construction era, such as: high ceilings carved in wood, large windows, stained glass, mosaic floors, etc.

In this idyllic environment for lovers of history and decoration, Remedios has converted, by the hand of Banak Importa, this house into a workspace far removed from what we understand by an office to use; and this is defined by interconnected spaces, rooms designed to be shared, meeting rooms where to present ideas and define new projects, in addition to a large terrace overlooking the Convento Santa Clara Street, perfect for going out to relax and disconnect ...

In the product selection It has been taken into account that both furniture and decoration do not steal the prominence that the architectural richness of the space itself deserves, choosing pieces in white finish, natural wood and a lot of glass, defined by a linear and refined design with certain trend dyes.

As for the complements, their selection has been very careful, with natural fiber elements such as mirrors or baskets that accompany cement and metal details, perfectly integrated into each of the rooms.

Also, throughout the project he ran away from the use of carpets, due to the visual richness of the soil that runs throughout the house, and strident colors were avoided.

But we could not say goodbye without mentioning the presence of plants, since in all rooms there is a natural touch, great for working in an environment of calm and relaxation.

Information: Courtesy of Banak Importa

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 An office with a historical character. Asun Riaza 2 The windows are one of the original elements that stand out. Asun Riaza 3 Although the roof moldings are not far behind. Asun Riaza 4 The white tones of the furniture enhance the luminosity of the space. Asun Riaza 5 While the plants are in charge of dressing the office with its majestic bearing. Asun Riaza 6 Hydraulic tile floors are a real treasure. Asun Riaza 7 And decorative objects inspire freshness. Asun Riaza 8 Everything in the office revolves around the Remedies table. Asun Riaza 9 We love how the staircase is decorated with mini cactus. Asun Riaza 10 The glass table elegantly combines with the surroundings. Asun Riaza 11 Definitely, this is the ideal office. Asun Riaza


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