A kitchen with linear distribution and natural finish

A kitchen with linear distribution and natural finish

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The needs and tastes of the owners and the architectural surprises they can find - as here the hidden beams in a False ceiling and recovered - they are decisive in every reform. The use of natural materials, like the soft gray of linoleum floor or the broken white of the walls, enhance the entrance of natural light and give all the prominence to the oak finish of the fronts. The contrast between retro-style furniture and avant-garde elements, such as lamps, was a decorative success.

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To bring natural light into the room, the furniture was arranged in a single wall. After the paneled refrigerator and the column of ovens, the cooking zone and the sink were located. Ariane 2 kitchen, in oak barrel finish, from Santos. Fridge and oven, from Siemens

Tall cabinets without handle

Two folding cabinets with gola opening that hide the hood and offer extra storage space were placed on the cooking zone. Santos volcano gray countertop and gray wall panel. Cooker hood, from Alpes Inox. Ceramic hob, from Bosch

Drawer to store even bread

Drawer furniture that ensures a perfect order.

Chest of drawers for storing dishes

They store crockery, pots and pans, and also serve as a pantry. Crockery, from Sargadelos.

Removable spice tray

Removable trays organize frequently used items.

Office for breakfast

A round table and a couple of chairs make up the cozy office. Black and transparent lamps, by Light Years.

Hands-free tap

The Sensate tap by Jacob Delafon includes a sensor and a removable hand shower (€ 124)

Salad Utensils

Bamboo spoon and fork Mahón, from El Corte Inglés (€ 7.95).

Black ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamp Volume, by House Doctor, in
54 cm in diameter (€ 525).

Project that concentrates the furniture in a front

Santos kitchen company is responsible for this project, which has gained in clarity and space thanks to the concentration of furniture in a front. The office, in the opposite, leaves freedom of movement in the center.