12 ideas to decorate your daughter's bedroom

12 ideas to decorate your daughter's bedroom

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This house has paid homage to its family history by reusing the old furniture with sentimental value. The bed belonged to the uncle's grandfather, and the comforters have already passed through several generations.

Green and pink

Inside this Victorian country house, the girl's bedroom perfectly combines green with pink, while the traditional rustic-style bed fits in with the rest of the decor vintage.

The perfect mix

The bedroom of this house is the most cool: wallpaper with a bright pattern, a hanging chair and a comforter vintage.

Art and color

The owner of this vacation home in Cape Cod, painted his daughter's bedroom in turquoise blue and added bedding with colorful prints. The posters and artistic pieces add a fun point to the space.

A colorful corner

The bedroom of this house has a decoration vintage"I hate when people say they can't buy good things while their children live at home," says Erin, owner of the property. "The side table is so well done that our daughters can dance on. They find it fun to live in a house without limits. "

Teenage stage

When your daughter reaches adolescence, she will want a decoration like this bedroom in a New England house.

Hanging beds

Ree Drummond furnished his daughters bedroom with hanging beds. Original and fun!

Sleeping Princesses

Pink details help create a feminine room, but they don't overload it.

Baby bedroom

Keep your baby's bedroom decoration clean and fresh. In this country house they have opted for neutral tones.

Vintage decor

Having incorporated antique furniture such as this 19th century iron bed or vintage letters of the alphabet, the bedroom of this house is sweet and sophisticated at the same time.

In white

White is never boring when combined with golden touches, like the bright letters that hang from the bed. A whole DIY project for your little one!

Sweet combination

If you need a bedroom for three girls, combine the prints of the bedding with a pink wall.

Via: Country Living US


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