12 dream dressers to dress up like a Hollywood star

12 dream dressers to dress up like a Hollywood star

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There are them for all styles, but if something they have in common is their meaning: a personal space that talks about you. Virginia Wolf positioned herself on the need for her own room for women to write their novels, but dressers also enjoy that privacy that is essential in everyday life, and if they are this beautiful, better than better!

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Dressing table and dressing room, all at hand! The white tones give a lot of luminosity, and the detail of the carpet of pink hair sweetens. Beautiful!

Instagram: Flip And Style

An exotic touch

The hand-shaped chair is undoubtedly the most groundbreaking detail of this boho chic dressing table. The table with plant motifs and plants complete the exotic atmosphere of the space.

Pinterest: Make It Boho

A mirror that falls in love

Mirror king size Golden frame is the jewel of this feminine dressing table where the gray tone of the table makes the golden details gain presence.

Pinterest: Irarazz

Nordic style

Simple and beautiful. A minimalist dressing table with a white table and a stool that adds the color note. All this in a spacious room with lots of natural light!

Pinterest: Fantastic Frank Real Estate


Modern but also elegant. The dominant white contrasts with the black details, such as the picture frame and the table lamps. The hair carpet and the metallic pot add a touch of glamor.

Instagram: House Of Ideas

Pink velvet

Is there anything more feminine and elegant than getting ready in a pink velvet armchair? And if you have a window like this in front, you can lose yourself in the views of the city ...

Pinterest: Vicky Fornos

Swan Lake

Looks like a ballet dancer's dresser! The stylized golden chair has a cushion of white hair that could be confused with a tutu ... Or are we raving?

Pinterest: Bella

Boho chic

White tones, carpets, blankets, cushions, plants ... This dressing table meets all the requirements of the boho chic style, with a perfect table and chair of golden forging.

Pinterest: Rachel Williams

With personality

So is this dressing table with a stool that captures all eyes and a wall converted into an art gallery.

Pinterest: Alwayz Fashionably

Chic cake

The pastel violet tone of the table and the varnished chair in golden color are perfect to achieve a sweet and chic dressing table.

Pinterest: Lucía Monserrat

For fashionistas

A fashionist full-fledged should have a dressing table that combines fashion and beauty in the same space. This white color is perfect for a clean and bright environment, where the wooden stool gives the touch of grace.

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Glamor in its purest form

Between the wall with Dalmatian print, the mustard-colored velvet pouf, the white-haired rug and the gold-framed mirror, this dressing table is the true definition of glamor!

Pinterest: Julieta Sanjuan


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