Relax under the blanket

Relax under the blanket

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Lounges to live them

How good it is on the sofa covered with a plaid!

Ikea blanket.

Choose soft and warm fabrics: the cotton ones are resistant and accept the washing machine; Acrylics are cheaper, comfortable and easy to wash; the wool ones are good insulators and the hair ones are decorative.

A good shelter.

A blanket, first and foremost, has a practical function, but if it is not being used and is poorly placed it breaks the aesthetics of the room.

Side table with storage space, House.

Put it folded on the armrest of the sofa, at the foot of the bed, stored in baskets or in multifunctional furniture.

Story of a ladder

An original way to have the blanket at hand, placed and, at the same time, to decorate, is to put it on a wooden ladder.

Leroy Merlin's environment.

Opt for a model with a checkered pattern with a unique color background and you will get a rustic and charming space.

Particular touch

You can find blankets of all colors, prints and materials. But if you are looking for something unique that takes your style, get down to work and finish off the edges with borders, arbutus, tassels or feathers. You will create unique pieces!

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Cozy corner

Give life to difficult spaces or passageways with warm and personality-filled objects.

Very much blanket.

For this, a natural fiber basket with a blanket of neutral colors is perfect. To add glamor, opt for crochet or fat knit models.

Reading time

In corners like this, textiles have to be appetizing and welcoming.

Model Blanket Kolonia from House Doctor.

Combine mats with a variety of cushions in various patterns and a soft and subtle blanket, like this one.

Of hair

The simple fact of seeing a blanket of synthetic hair on our sofa or bed, generates a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Blanket of similar synthetic hair on Amazon.es (size 150 x 200 cm, € 28.23). Carpet Happy Collection from Lorena Canals.

In addition, it is very feminine and adapts perfectly to any style, from a classic to a Nordic or industrial one.

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At your feet…

Covering yourself with a large blanket in bed while reading is a pleasure.

La Mallorquina blanket.

Choose a color that matches the tones of the cushions and if you want to be the protagonist, look for contrast with quilt or quilt. Place it somewhat scrambled, in the lower part of the bed. Of La Mallorquina.

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