This Christmas, how to decorate your house for less than € 100!

This Christmas, how to decorate your house for less than € 100!

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The English Court

Can you decorate the house with elegance and give that traditional Christmas touch without getting out of the budget? Yes, if you resort to a brand specialized in decoration with thousands of precious details and all prices. We have done the test in The English Court, we have raised a shopping (with only € 100 in your pocket) and we've got these great ideas, super deco What ... We want to share with you!

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 By tradition, a tree The English Court

We were looking for a small one, to place on a side table, and in the tabletop trees section we have found an assortment that has pleasantly surprised us. You have them with snowy effect, with a pot base, with pineapples and even with light! We have opted for a cutting traditional 60 cm high with raffia base (from € 9.95). If you like the idea you can put one in each room or several together in the window. Deco great!

2 To decorate it ... The English Court

This year the trend is decorative ribbons. Among all we have seen, in The English Court, we loved this golden cord, also available in red and silver (€ 1.95). We see it perfect to decorate our tree, to use as a napkin ring on the Christmas table, to join balls in a centerpiece ... It offers so many possibilities that we have taken it. You want it?

3 And a Bethlehem? The English Court

At Christmas, so traditional and endearing is to put a tree like placing a Nativity Scene. We have found this 1-piece children's mystery and we have not resisted the temptation to buy it (€ 9.95). You don't know where to put it? Place it on a tray that you can move easily. Add some sawdust and colored stones (we have seen them from € 1.50) and you already have it. More births

4 A crown for the door The English Court

What better way to welcome your home! This endearing detail sums up the whole Christmas spirit. Our option is a red crown with bells that announces the arrival of Santa Claus every time the door opens! We have also seen it in green (€ 7.95). Your choice!

5 Light up the dining room The English Court

Now we focus on the dining room. We have the perfect garland to fill the room with magical light. It is elegant, discreet and very functional. We also see it opportune to place around the guest table, on a fireplace or along a shelf ... This multicolored cable with 50 LED lights has been absolutely irresistible (€ 7.95). More garlands

6 We bet on underplates The English Court

And considering that in the most special dinner of the year, we will be five people, we have thought about how to decorate it.

We will choose a simple tablecloth of a basic color (white, red, ocher or green) and on it we will place underplates in colors that contrast well. We have seen them fantastic silver, red and gold (from € 1.95 each) Perfect to add elegance to any tableware. You like them?

7 We renew crockery The English Court

With our very tight budget we have chosen a tableware of 18 pieces in white porcelain with a colored edge. A classic cut model, but very elegant, that will never go out of style and that will make you look great in any celebration (and especially at these Christmas dinners). It is the tableware of 18 smart pieces with red trim (€ 29.95). Choose color

8 To toast The English Court

If you have to complete your glassware with a piece, we advise you to do it. But if you are going to start over, we tell you that we have discovered some divine cups! in The English Court. Elegant, original, with gold polka dot print, as it is this year. Perfect for all your celebrations and to provide, as you deserve, for the entry of the New Year! It is the Dots Gold pieces glassware (from € 3.95). Get them

9 Another find! The English Court

Breaking molds, this year the Christmas charm will bring to our table some paper napkins decorated with berries and holly branches. Paper, yes, but three layers (100% high density cellulose) that offer great absorption and a very soft and pleasant touch. Pay attention to us, they will pass the test of the most demanding tastes. You have the set of 20 Reine paper napkins for € 2.95 at El Corte Inglés. Are yours

10 The place of each diner The English Court

We have included in our shopping cart a set of 6 tweezers with Christmas Tree detail (€ 1.95), to put the name of each guest and indicate their place on the table, to congratulate them on the holidays and add inspirational phrases or For what you want. You can pin them on the napkins, on the glasses or on the chair covers. More tweezers


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