Tricks to keep makeup out of the bathroom

Tricks to keep makeup out of the bathroom

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You may already know, but Moisture is the enemy of your beauty products.

And yes, we know that it is difficult to get them out of the bathroom when you don't have a very large house or too much space, but we assure you that with the ingenuity of the tricks that we are going to teach you ... you will save your precious collection of agony!

Advertising - Keep reading below Use an organizer to store your brushes

This organizer with 6 supports is perfect for storing your brushes in order: from larger to smaller, or according to their functions!

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A glitter jug

Use a jug type Mason Jar to save your brushes, and fill it with glitter!

It's very simple: you just have to pass a brush with glue around and drop the glitter until it is completely covered.

In addition, if you do the same with several colors, the set will be very beautiful.

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The solution to your infinite collection of nail polish

If you are one of those who has millions of nail polish scattered around the bathroom, the chaos is over! Use the wall of your room to place several shelves where you can expose your color collection. It will be beautiful!

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On the one hand library, and on the other ... your nail polish in order!

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There is something else chic and glamorous to store your brushes in golden cups? Put them where you put them, they will seem taken from a magazine!

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A shoemaker ... for your makeup!

Use a wall shoe rack to order your makeup, but do as in the photo and add a sticker that helps you identify the products faster.

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These eggs are not from galina

Even if you see them in an egg cup, they are makeup sponges! Not a very funny idea?

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All organized

Use an organizing closet and separate cosmetics by functions. Being transparent you will have them very handy, but if you also write the name of the products, even easier!

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A cutlery tray

No, here you are not going to store the forks, but the makeup! And even the hair straightener ... What do you think?

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Tablecloths to the last

If you have extra placemats and you don't know what to do with them ... Turn them into covers for your brushes! It is very easy to do, and if you add a closure with a pretty bow they will be ideal!

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Tray for ... nail polish!

Yes, a cake tray can be this beautiful with your nail polish collection. You weren't expecting it, huh?

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