Ichigo-ichie, the Japanese attitude that invites you to live every moment as if you were unique

Ichigo-ichie, the Japanese attitude that invites you to live every moment as if you were unique

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John Block Advertising - Keep reading below Focus on the here and now

When we don't pay attention to what we live in the present, we lose opportunities that will never come back. The language is very wise. In English, present means gift or present, while, in Japanese, ichigo-ichie it translates as: "right now, an opportunity". Do you want to try it? Cultivate the chanoyu tea ceremony and put in it the five senses. This simple act will become something exceptional.


Enjoy the tea ritual with this delicate porcelain teapot. Decorated with cherry blossoms, it has bamboo handle. Flying Tiger Copenhagen (€ 8).

Secret formula

Go out and look for good times, in the end you will become an expert and discover the power to transform your world. Start by practicing that hobby you've always wanted and for which you didn't find time. And ... surround yourself with the best company.

Philosophy at home

Japanese culture is an expert in enjoying moments as beautiful as cherry blossoms. Adapt that vision to your environment. Try a beautiful floral ornament, like this one from landscape designer Inés Urquijo, and you will surely get the same effect.

Train your mind

If you want to appreciate the most subtle details, you will have to amplify your bandwidth. You can get it through meditation, although it is not necessary to go to a Zen guru. Find a quiet, noise-free space; Get comfortable and observe your thoughts without judging them. You will see how calm seizes you and you even reach an unexpected lucidity.

The sense of smell

Fill your house with the fresh scent of ferns and stop from time to time to smell them carefully and enjoy them. in the picture, mikado of the line Botanical, from the Very Much firm (€ 7).

The ear

With the selection of songs on this album, you will find it easier to fight stress. It is sold in El Corte Inglés (€ 17.50).

Inspiring essay

Discover the key guidelines in this book by the Aguilar publishing house (€ 16.90).

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Western version

Its author, Anselm Grün, is a spiritual guru in Germany. Edit Kairós (€ 12).

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