A house that draws from the outside in the city of Amsterdam

A house that draws from the outside in the city of Amsterdam

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Luuk Smits

Dutch residential architecture is characterized by deep and narrow spaces. This It allows an apartment to have two main sides, connected to the front and back of the buildings.

The same happens in this housing located in the neighborhood of Pijp, Amsterdam, where one side looks at a quiet and narrow street, Y the other to a magnificent inner courtyard of the building with private garden. But to transform it into the cozy and functional home it is now, it had to go through a reform at the hands of Immaculate Cantero, founder of Cantero Architecture. Come in and see the results!

Advertising - Keep reading below The keys to reform Luuk Smits

The goal was optimize the use of existing rooms and get a large storage space integrated into the housing areas, always with the external connection in mind as a way to extend the view beyond living space, Y capture natural light.

Oak heart Luuk Smits

In the new design, All areas are organized around the "heart of oak", a large shared dressing room which communicates visually and spatially with both sides of the floor, the two main bedrooms, and the two exterior.

A treasure for storage Luuk Smits

When accessing the dressing room, it looks like you are inside a wooden cubicle, only interrupted by the two entrances and the ceiling light.

Both the interior and the exterior are full of practical storage spaces, some of them hidden and unexpected.

Timeless composition Luuk Smits

The upper floor radiates a Neutral atmosphere created by the contrast of the white walls against the dark floor, in turn forming a timeless composition.

Style marked by materials and textures Luuk Smits

Nevertheless, andThe style is also determined by the materials and textures, since oak is used in all furniture, and sophisticated elements of black brushed metal are used in most interior design details.

A dressing room full of advantages Luuk Smits

Access to the dressing room is also an entrance to natural light It emanates from the adjoining bedroom.

Access to all rooms Luuk Smits

The dressing room connects with a glass corridor with metal frames, from which access all rooms on the floor, providing continuity and allowing light to penetrate deep inside.

The hall Luuk Smits

The hall continues with that elongated structure so characteristic of housing, with the wood as a faithful protagonist.

Illuminated entrance Luuk Smits

As we see, the light that comes from outside generates a warm and homely atmosphere that invites you to be at home.

Further, the furniture that surrounds the bench and the sideboard, is full of drawers. A most ingenious storage solution.

Between two floors Luuk Smits

Nail simple black metal spiral stairs, connect both plants with subtlety.

Zen bathroom Luuk Smits

In the bath, the warm wood, the handmade blue ceramic tiles, and the natural lava stone sinks, create a relaxed and calm environment.

Nature alive in the city Luuk Smits

The natural lava stone sink They are the elements that make the difference in this space, thanks to its naturalness and artisanal aesthetics.

Garden connection Luuk Smits

The current design emphasizes the connection with the outside with a full opening in the rear facade to the garden, reflecting the translucent extension existing on the ground floor.

Plan of the current distribution Cantero Architecture

Information: Courtesy of Cantero Architecture.