Vases in pastel tones: Put a delicate touch

Vases in pastel tones: Put a delicate touch

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Here you have a selection of vases in pastel colors and tones, which will look splendid in solitude and compositions. We are inspired by the elegant and serene decoration of this house: A SWEET HOUSE DECORATED IN TONES PASTEL: WITH GARDEN AND PORCH

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If you want to create an attractive composition, one option is to choose designs from the same collection.

Models Sond, from Kave Home, in spray-painted metal (€ 26/2). They are 25 and 20 cm tall.

Ceramic model

Gather several small vases, of different shapes, on a tray. For the composition to convey a sense of harmony, try to make them the same color or material.

Ceramic model, by Hübsch. It measures 10 x 10 cm in height (€ 9).


This vase, with an embossed design, is decorative on its own, but with white flowers with a tall stem, the set will look even more spectacular.

Design Livslang, designed by Inma Bermúdez for Ikea. Its height: 20 cm (€ 8).

Dusty rose

Powdered pink glass. The brightness of the material, together with its relief and the eight-shaped silhouette, invigorates the decoration.

Vase, in 7.5 x 12 cm (€ 11). From Bloomingville.

Cylindrical design

A design that does not fail: the cylindrical with small stretch marks. In this case, horizontal.

Vase, from the Bloomingville firm, made of blue ceramic. It measures 11 cm in diameter and 16.5 cm high (€ 17).

In blue glass

The glass models, whether smooth, carved or transparent, are elegant and delicate, and look good in any decoration. If it is colored, the ideal is that it is in tune with the rest of the accessories.

Design Toilet, from BoConcept, is made of blue glass and measures 13 x 29 cm (€ 89).

In groups

A composition of two or three different vases, but in the same color range, is a perfect resource for decorating the coffee table.

In glass

In narrow mouth models, place simple arrangements of a couple of flowers and some leaves.

This is the vase Formlig, from Ikea. It is handmade in glass and measures 15 cm high and 27 cm in diameter (€ 14.99).

Vase that combines materials

Choose the design that, due to its shape, color and material, best fits with the decoration of the room where you are going to place it.

This model, from the signature House Doctor, measures 10 cm in diameter and 15 cm in height (€ 11.50 approx.).

Made in ceramic in pink tones

When combining the color of the vase With that of flowers, you have the possibility of betting on soft contrasts or reinforcing the same hue.

This design, made of ceramic in pink tones, is from Zara Home. It measures 12 cm in diameter and 24.5 cm in height (€ 19.99).

In cooked clay

Where to place the vases? Measure the vase with the floral arrangement and if it is very high, value the possibility of putting it directly on the floor.

This is the model Aborigene, from Habitat, in cooked clay. It measures 80 cm high (€ 149).


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