A reform with its own style

A reform with its own style

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The owners of this Barcelona house relied on the experience of the architect Cristina Carbonell to carry out a comprehensive reform. With abundant natural light and an area of ​​150 m², it had many possibilities, although its distribution was old and its facilities were in poor condition. In addition to renewing these, the priority was to achieve wide and functional spaces; and transfer natural light to the darkest areas, as the owners wanted. With exclusive designs, such as large doors and a glass wall, and decisions as accurate as placing the bookstore in the hallway, the architect achieved a total transformation of the spaces. The more fluid circulation and natural light that reaches all environments have contributed to creating a sense of spaciousness in them.

The broken white painted house spreads the light and the contrast with the stained oak flooring emphasizes that luminosity of the walls. The master bedroom was planted as a suite, with direct access to a separate bathroom and dressing room. For this space, the architect designed a spectacular headboard, which has a great visual impact on the environment and that captures all the attention. It consists of a stained oak panel that frames a large-format black and white photo. This panoramic landscape and another one located on the adjoining wall provide a dose of tranquility and calm, very suitable for a bedroom. To make the room warmer and cozy, the floor was covered with a braided natural fiber carpet.

White on black - the common thread to decorate the whole house - is also present in the bathroom. As in other environments, the decoration is very personal. For this space, the architect created a modern composition in the front of the washbasin, made to measure in wenge stained iroco wood and finished in water varnish. A piece of furniture, suspended and with large drawers, runs along the entire wall and houses two sinks; each with a tap installed on the countertop, to the side. Its refined lines and high spout stand out even more in front of a plinth, also commissioned in iroco, which protects the wall from splashes. The final clasp is an extra long mirror, with indirect lighting.

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Spacious and bright, its decoration bets on contrasts of chiaroscuros and textures. The distribution of the furniture, conditioned by the location of the windows, helps to create the sensations of order and harmony. Sofa, by Perobell, with Texture cushions. Armchairs and coffee table, purchased in Greek. Auxiliary table, from Maxalto, for Online Barcelona; on her, lamp, of Altarpiece, and crystal balls, of Luzio.

Seating area

A carpet of long hair defines this environment, oriented towards the flat screen TV. On this wall, a suspended furniture with a refined design houses the audiovisual equipment; It also has drawers to maintain order in the area. Furniture with drawers, designed by the architect Cristina Carbonell. TV, Loewe. Lamp, of Altarpiece. Greek coffee table and rug. The photo of the lighthouse is the work of the owner of the house.

Bright living room

Another image of the room, which shows the versatility of one of the walls. The mobile panels have moved towards the center to discover a large cupboard, made to measure; The flat screen TV is hidden behind them. On the right, a large opening makes the circulation between hall and hall more fluid. At the entrance, mirror of Online Barcelona and table lamp, Retablo.

Side tables

Located in the living area, between the sofa and the armchairs, we like its circular, impeccable and balanced design. In addition, it is functional; In its two shelves you can store all kinds of objects to clear the coffee table.

Dinning room

It is a modern environment decorated with refined design furniture and in black color; A chandelier introduces a retro touch that enriches the whole. The sideboard, with its apple green finish, becomes a focal point. Chairs, designer Jasper Morrison, table and sideboard; Everything in Greek. Crockery and glassware, from Zara Home.


The designs created for this space provide a very personal stamp to the house. The entrance door, with a large porthole, and the glazed partition of the corridor are exceptional solutions to direct natural light to previously dark rooms. Console acquired in Altarpiece.

Open spaces

The glass wall is key in the distribution because it creates a feeling of greater depth and breadth and, at the same time, visually shortens the length of the aisle. Inside the kitchen, stands out the symmetry of the front of cabinets around the oven and the central doors of formica screen printed with newspaper. Wall, designed by Cristina Carbonell, with iron profiles with anti-rust finish. Cabinets, from the firm Docca. Smeg oven. Bertoia chairs, edited by Knoll, and table, purchased in Greek.


The large window was not an obstacle to distribution; its design was adapted, it became landscape, which allowed to install in front of the decorative bell. In this area the furniture and the countertop, made of granite, are black and blend with the stoneware floor of this color. Docca kitchen furniture. Bell by Miele. Burners, from Siemens. White tap. On the shelf, dishes, by Vinçon.

Main bedroom

The white decoration focuses attention on the headboard, an exclusive design created with a large-format photograph and a wenge-stained oak veneer panel that covers almost the entire wall. The exclusivity of the headboard in the master bedroom revalued the decoration. A spectacular design created from a black and white photo. Headboard designed by Cristina Carbonell. Bedside table and bedside seat, by Roche Bobois. Lamps, from Altarpiece.


The bespoke bookstore throughout the corridor optimizes this passage area, while allowing free space in the living room to distribute other furniture, without being conditioned by the location of a large library. All these elements, in white, gain relief by their contrast with the stained oak flooring. Carpets for sale in Ikea.

Integrated bathroom

From the bedroom you can access, on the left, a bathroom and on the right, a dressing room, located behind the headboard wall. The spaces are communicated through a sliding door, which does not detract any useful surface from any of them. In addition, once closed, it blends completely with the wall covering. Quilt, quadrants and plaid, Texture.

Washbasin cabinet

Follow the color and decorative patterns of the rest of the house: black and white contrast and refined design. The symmetry of the sinks and the high spout taps form a balanced composition, while the mirror accentuates the horizontality of the flown furniture. Furniture and mirror, designed by the architect. Washbasin, by Villeroy & Boch. Faucets, Rhythmon. Towels and soaps, Texture.


The location of the library in the corridor allows greater freedom when distributing the furniture in the living room as it is not conditioned by a large bookcase.

The contrast so marked between walls and floor. The stained oak flooring emphasizes more the broken white of the walls. A color game also used in bathroom and kitchen.