Knitting with your fingers A new trend!

Knitting with your fingers A new trend!

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If you have not been bundled with wool to the elbows recently, then you have seen what is being cooked on Pinterest. Knitting with your arms is the trend that is currently sweeping the Internet - even we have tried ourselves! - but another trend without needles is also coming.

Knitting with fingers It is as fast as with the arms, and the thread is cheaper. In addition, your forearms will appreciate a break.

If you didn't learn from pequña, the technique is quite easy to learn. Roll the thread between the fingertips and then slide the knots, a row of stitches will begin to take shape. You can follow the simple tutorial in this video, but in Instructables, WikiHow or Craftsy there are also tutorials. Then, be inspired by the projects that we put you below, there are some that will take 30 minutes or less to do.

With more than 5 million views, this Fiber Flux video is the most popular tutorial on YouTube.


Customize your doll with two, three or four fingers.
Tutorial in V and Co »


In less than 30 minutes, a cotton ball can become a set of coasters or this beautiful placemat.
Tutorial from Flax & Twine »


You will only need a sewing machine to join the pieces, but this cozy cushion is worth it.
Tutorial in Design Sponge »


This is officially the most adorable gift for babies.
Tutorial in Ravelry »


After knitting long chains, use the new "thick thread" to weave a carpet with a DIY loom.
Tutorial in A Beautiful Mess »


Like the baskets, these woven containers will solve your mess a lot.
Tutorial in Ravelry »


Why not wear your masterpiece around your neck?
Tutorial on Thanks, I Made It »

Via: House Beautiful US


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