A house open to the porch

A house open to the porch

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The owners of this house with garden, located in a town near Barcelona, commissioned its reform to the study of architect Josep Cortina, with the aim of creating spaces wider and diaphanous, full of natural light, that would favor family activities. Now, the lower floor, which integrates the common areas, has a large living room with windows and a large kitchen, perfect as a meeting place; and the superior one has the bedrooms, where the clean and balanced decoration enhances the luminosity. Of the reform deserve special attention the day environments. Its visual breadth is achieved with a maximum that the architect applies to all his projects: warmth and quality. They are environments with an aesthetic that pursues luxury, lacking ostentation. In the living room, with few pieces but well chosen, and numerous windows, the sofa is oriented towards the dining room, which is framed by a large arch that enhances it. But it is the kitchen, independent, that captures all the attention, for its exquisite design, luminosity and spaciousness. The kitchen, rectangular and with an outward-facing distribution, seems much wider, because it gains visual depth through the glazed doors which, once opened, integrate it into the porch and garden. To highlight here, the cabinets and the island with plate and sink, designed by Josep Cortina, as well as the maxi wooden headboard of the master bedroom; all of them furniture that, with their pure lines and textures, raise the decorative level of the house.

- The kitchen merges with the outside through a great vain on the facade, with sliding doors of generous dimensions, which communicates with the porch, transformed into a living room fresh air, with living and dining area.
- The porch is projected as an extension of the kitchen, to which it visually expands. To make it more cozy and use it more months a year, and not only in summer, it is protected with a pergola with glazed roof, which incorporates vertical blinds, roller, practical to avoid air currents or the sunset sun.
- The kitchen furniture and the multifunction headboard of the bedroom are the most visible face of a top interior design project, which blends good design, quality and functionality.

Advertising - Keep reading under The porch as an extension of the interior

The porch has been conceived as an extension
inland. The realization of large holes in the facade and the projection of a metal pergola are keys to achieve that fusion of the interior with the exterior.

Log pouf

Cushions, by Lu Ink and Calma House. Center table,
from Merc & Cia. Trunk poufs, from Azul Tierra. Lamp
of rattan, from La Maison.

Natural fiber bag

Woven natural fiber bag.

Brown sofa

The brown sofa, full of nuances, combined with wood and fiber, creates a cozy atmosphere in the living room. Decorated with modern aesthetic furniture, these gain presence with the brushstrokes of color and contrasts provided by the cushions. Sofa Transitfrom Grassoler. Cushions: orange and turquoise, from Cado, and with ethnic and rattan print, from Calma House. Armchairs and turquoise tray, by Estudi Meritxell Ribé. White blanket, by Matèria. Lamp, by Little House. Blue box, by Merc & Cia. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas.

Cushions with neutral tones

Color palette. Natural, warm tones, wood and fiber ... make up the decorative base of the room; a serene environment that is seasoned with the bursts of color provided by the cushions. Sofa by Grassoler. Chair, by Estudi Meritxell Ribé. Carpet, by Francisco Cumellas.

Fiber armchair

Infallible! A pair of cushions can transform the look of a fiber armchair. You just have to decide if you bet on toned colors or in stark contrast.

Leather chairs and oak table

The leather chairs and the oak table, with refined lines, provide the dining room with its rich variety of textures and naturalness. A set that finds in the suspended lamp, of look factory, its perfect partenaire. Solid table, designed by Josep Cortina; about her, plaid, from Filocolore. Lamp, by Little House. Baskets and vases, from Cado. Bag, from Calma House.

Glass vase

Glass vases that can serve very well as vases.

Metallic lamp

With presence To illuminate the dining room of this house we opted for this metallic lamp, by Little House, which adds a factory touch to the decoration. Keys to succeed in the election? Designs that add style for your

Upholstered leather chair

Elegant chair upholstered in leather.

Island with plate and sink

Cooking is a pleasure. When it is well equipped and distributed, a kitchen provides a lot of satisfaction. In this case, the island, with a plate and sink, allows the chef to maintain eye contact with family and friends; and also, with the outside.

Porcelain stoneware flooring

The dining room, when viewed from the living area, is framed by a large arch; it is
an element that enhances it and signals the step towards the end of the room, with a viewpoint type plant. In the foreground, woven pouf from Calma House with ethnic motifs, and carpet in sisal, from Filocolore. Pickled chairs and shelves were purchased in different French brocantes. Porcelain stoneware flooring Treverkhomefrom Marazzi.

Kitchen with pine woods

Natural wood brings extraordinary warmth to the work area, which shares space with a dining room. To highlight, the luminosity of the multifunction island, whose fronts have been made with pieces of wood cut with ax and pickling.
Kitchen designed by Josep Cortina, which combines spruce pine wood and pickling, with TPB porcelain countertops. Basket, from La Maison.

Wooden tray

Wooden tray with set of green glass cups.

Ceramic bowls

White bowls made of ceramic.

Vase and coffee set

Mint green, coral, talcum pink ... Give a new look to any corner with a complement in a trendy color; Here it was done with the tray, by Estudi Meritxell Ribé. Vase and coffee set, by Sacum.

Metallic flexo

With charm. The decoration of any environment earns points with vintage pieces; they can be furniture or smaller designs, such as this metallic flexo, acquired at Little House.

Turquoise cushions

To take advantage of the space and leave the central area of ​​the room clear for games, the architect Josep Cortina designed an L-shaped composition, in varnished oak, consisting of a single bed, bench-table and bunk with nest drawers. Cushions, plaids and turquoise floor mats, from Calma House. Pennants, from Filocolore. Multicolored rugs, from Merc & Cia.

Woven cushions

Woven cushions with ethnic and geometric patterns.

Cloth animals

Funny little animals made of cloth hanging on the wall.

Solid oak headboard

The headboard, which also incorporates bedside tables, adds sophistication to the bedroom, while transmitting feelings of warmth and order with its wood and symmetry. Head designed by Josep Cortina, in ash oak. Patterned cushions, orange and turquoise, and quilt, from Cado.
Linen cover and pillows, by Filocolore. Plaid turquoise, by Matèria. Flexo, from Little House.

Decorative letters on the wall

Roca washbasin, on furniture, designed by Josep Cortina. Curtains, by Gancedo. Lyrics, by Lu Ink. Carpet by Calma House.

Blanket and cushions

Blanket and cushions in green and red motifs.


The bathroom, integrated into the master bedroom, was divided into three areas: in the foreground, washbasin front and parquet shower, with ceiling sprinkler; and behind, hidden, toilet and bidet.

Stainless steel faucet

Design tap with stainless steel material.

Housing plan

Home distribution plan.

House plan

Plan of the house with details of its distribution.


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