How to decorate your home with the most natur-chic style of the season

How to decorate your home with the most natur-chic style of the season

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The English Court

Yes to the artisanal roots, yes to the colors that connect you with the earth (ocher, gray, sand, brown ...), yes to the natural materials with their rough textures and also to the smooth and polished finishes, yes to enjoy environments comfortable and with a simple aesthetic, but very updated ... If you have accompanied this enumeration of decorative keys reaffirming your taste and nodding, the Terra trend, the most natural and echo of the panorama, is designed for you.

A decorative style that instills balance, order and calm to the house. Notes the serenity transmitted by the decorative objects in the image above? It has been achieved with a combination of vases and ceramic details (in neutral tones) and a linen cushion on an aged wooden support. From El Corte Inglés: Light gray cement pot (€ 4.95) and vases (from € 9.95).

Advertising - Read on below 1 Eco fabrics The English Court

Offer yours the most natural. Flax is one of the vegetable fibers that, once woven, gains presence and beauty every time you use it. Take advantage of its freshness to dress your table more eco (it is 100% biodegradable). Complete it with ceramic details to achieve such a peaceful environment, like that of this dining room.
From El Corte Inglés: set of two Sidney linen napkins (€ 15.95); 24-piece Universal Thames cutlery (€ 39.95), Skal dinnerware (from € 9.95) and Sydney linen tablecloth (from € 69.95). It's yours!

2 Only the essential The English Court

A clear example of how to achieve an ultra modern and natural dining room, only with the essential pieces. This combination of solid oak wood chairs and ash wood table, with tempered glass top, results in exquisite elegance. Perfect for a house with a taste for contemporary aesthetics, like yours.
From the Room collection, Capa Room dining room chair (€ 159) and Kyoto dining table (€ 795) Do you like it? Everything from El Corte Inglés.

3 In earth tones The English Court

How to achieve an ultra-refined, calm and very comfortable environment for your living room? It combines warm textiles in sand and stone tones (in upholstery, walls and floors), with details of washed wood and black metal notes. The result: this room, elegant and sober, cozy and very functional, in which materials and textures bring you closer to nature.
From El Corte Inglés: Quebec 3-seat upholstered sofa (€ 1,595) Decorates; set of two cocktail tables (€ 645); Neidem wool rug (€ 399) and Sikas iron shelf (€ 375) Do you want it?

4 Heat and comfort The English Court

During the autumn afternoons you want to take refuge on the sofa. Give yourself a delight for the touch and let yourself be caressed (in the most natural way) by the pleasant hair of these decorative blankets, in earth tones. Soft and light, but very warm and comfortable, they are perfect for putting a personal touch to your living room. Or if you prefer, as a plaid, to add style to your bedroom.
From El Corte Inglés: Cromac decorative hair blanket (€ 69.95), available in several colors, and Siber decorative hair blanket (€ 99.95). You love it!

5 Blank crafts The English Court

The sensation of purity that inspires the white color, together with the hand made aesthetics of these baskets, make this corner of the laundry room, an area of ​​Nordic inspiration, with a lot of charm. Natural fiber is breathable, use it for clean towels or sheets; For clothes that need laundry, use baskets with a similar finish, but made of synthetic fiber.
From El Corte Inglés: laundry basket for Polyratán (€ 49.95); Paper fiber laundry basket (€ 39.95). You want it?


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