Very personal: Estela López Jiménez, from Deco & Living

Very personal: Estela López Jiménez, from Deco & Living

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Marta Machin

Estela López Jiménez is the founder and director of Deco & Living, a decoration firm with physical store in Madrid and online, which began as a blog that wanted to “create a space that would inspire lovers of beautiful and charming things "

What do you think your success is based on? In the simplicity and beauty of the products; also in its naturalness. Marta Machin Unique details Do you know what will triumph in the coming months? They will follow the natural fibers, which have a long way to go, and retro tones. Nik Muhammad Faiq Bin Nik Abdul Aziz / EyeEm What do you need to start the day right? A good kiss from my children and my husband. Juanmonino

How and when was the brand born?

It was in 2011, during the maternity leave of my first daughter. At birth I changed the view of seeing life and wanted to find a job that I was passionate about and that allowed me to spend more time with it. With the impulse of my husband the blog was born, and later, while I was pregnant with my second daughter, the online store. After a very short time I ventured to open the physical store. And now with my third son we just moved to a bigger one in Aravaca, Madrid.

What defines Deco & Living furniture? They are always easy pieces to fit anywhere. I love to be changing things, and that is something that happens constantly in my store, so the product we have try to flow and integrate well in many ways.

Your latest news are ... Many new blinds! and new own collections of sheets, curtains and textile.

And at work, when do you enjoy more? Looking for and buying things for the store. I also like to see the homes of our #clientasquesonartistas. Without them this would not make sense.

And now, on a personal level, What adjectives would you define? I am cheerful, optimistic and creative.

What makes you always smile? The dumbest things, I laugh at everything. I am easy to smile.

To be happy you need ... May those around me have good health to enjoy them very much.

Tell us a personal plan that makes you excited or will make you happy. We change house and die of emotion to decorate it.