Tricks to organize (good) your clothes

Tricks to organize (good) your clothes

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Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Wardrobe

Are you lucky to have an extra closet at home? Distribute it with your head and you can store winter clothes, blankets, comforters, etc. The garments that go in the drawers protect them with tissue paper and if you are going to store wool do not forget to place bags with lavender or laurel that in addition to leaving a delicious aroma are excellent homemade antipolillas. Closet for sale in Car Möbel.

2 Wash without fabric softener

Even if changing the closet is a nuisance, it must be done well. I always gather all the blankets, plaids, scarves and scarves and wash them without softener before storing them.

3 Armchair

Good support. It is vital to have an armchair in the bedroom to leave our clothes or put on our shoes. Opt for a colorful model and complete the decoration. Mustard armchair by Car Möbel.

4 Chest of drawers

Having one, or even two comfortable in the bedroom, seems fantastic. In addition to winning warehouse areas is an excellent display of my favorite pieces. Chest of drawers with three drawers from La Redoute Interieurs.

5 Built-in wardrobe

In passing areas. Take advantage of access to the bathroom to install a built-in closet, you will gain storage space without losing useful meters.


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