Hotel Spa Etxegana: when forests talk

Hotel Spa Etxegana: when forests talk

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My trip to the depths of the Basque nature begins at the Vitoria station, ready to take a car that runs through the approximately 30 kilometers that separate the city from a hotel that gives off magic just by naming it: Etxegana,one of the accommodations of the French chain of independent hotels and restaurants Logis, which has more than seventy years of history behind it.

During the journey, on an atypical hot day in late September, I witness the beauty of the surrounding forests, bathed by lakes that serve as a refuge from high temperatures. We begin to ascend a winding road that gives way to the pure mountain air, and suddenly, like a newly carved jewel, I see flirty stone building that stands between the trees.

Etxegana Spa Hotel

When contemplating the style of the facade, I think of the typical village hamlets with charm that I have been seeing throughout the tour, and I do not leave my astonishment when I discover that The hotel - which belongs to the French chain Logis - was built from scratch only a few years ago, thanks to the passion and effort of its owners.

Travel fans, and especially Indonesia, Luis and Begoña designed the idea of ​​the hotel inspired by, on the one hand, Balinese aesthetics, and on the other, in the rural houses of the Basque Country. That is why much of the decoration has been imported directly from Indonesia.

Already with the registration of the room done, I begin to ascend the wooden stairs that lead to my rooms, and when I arrive at my destination, I am surprised again. This time, with the name of the plates that rest on the entrance doors to the rooms. "They are names of the islands of Indonesia"Begoña confirms.

When you open the door, the cozy feeling that floats in every corner of the hotel is enhanced to infinity. On the bed king size, a Balinese frame with a mirror It seems to welcome me, and invites me to rest on the mattress. I do, of course, but not before opening the windows wide to enjoy a bucolic spectacle of breeze and country sounds.

Asier Camacho Fernández Asier Camacho Fernández

Right on the other side, the hydromassage bathtub claim my presence, and there is no tourist who resists the benefits of a good bath after a long trip. And much less with such views ...

Then, with the batteries charged, I get to know the rooms of the hotel, starting with the spa.

Again, the majesty of Balinese doors precede access to this temple of well-being which has two saunas (one steam and one Finnish); a specific jet shower to activate circulation; a jacuzzi; a flirtatious pool; and a space with sun loungers. All this in a room surrounded by windows overlooking the forest.

Etxegana Spa Hotel

The sunset begins to make an appearance with its characteristic freshness, so I turn to know the outdoor areas before the darkness envelops us.

The first gazebo, located next to the entrance of the hotel, is only a preview of what you expect below. Spain With a Balinese-inspired roof, the second gazebo is the preferred place for the bride and groom to celebrate the ceremony. Spain

If there is something that immediately catches my attention, it is the gazebos. Especially the second one, and that is that views of the mountains and lush forests They seem to illustrate a Monet painting. In fact, no wonder it's the place chosen by the bride and groom who come to celebrate their wedding at the hotel to carry out the ceremony.

A few steps beyond, the Balinese bridal dining room doors they rise before me as if it were a sacred temple.

Entrance to the nuptial dining room. Spain Who would not want to marry in such a natural setting? Spain

At his side, the porches of the suites, clothed by trees and wrought iron railings, they seem to greet me in their path, and suddenly I feel like I am in a luxury urbanization in a privileged environment.


Back at the hotel, and as a climax to this wonderful walk, what could be better than a candlelight dinner tasting the chef's menu in his restaurant Oneko by Etxegana? The answer is clear, so without further delay I go to the dining room, where, with great fascination, I witness that enigmatic song that only takes place once a year: the bellowing.

A show that I live with emotion later in my bedroom. Of course, tonight I leave the window open.

Information and stay: Courtesy of Hotel Spa Etxegana and Logis Hotels


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