Two colors: this is how baths are carried out this season

Two colors: this is how baths are carried out this season

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That shared life tastes better is a fact that is more than proven, and the same goes for decoration, so two-color bathrooms have become one of the trends with more followers of recent times.

The possibilities are as wide as the imagination allows, and they represent the best strategy to escape from monotonous spaces.

You may combine a tile wall with another in plain coloror mix different types of wallpapers. All you have to do is let yourself be guided by your own style and bathroom size, but if you need a little inspiration, take note of these ideas.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Exotic Rose

Do you dare with a more striking style? Then try with a hot pink and a terrazzo wall in the same color range.

2 Range of blues

If you are looking to add more depth to the bathroom, mix two different shades of blue on the wall.

3 Dark

A black roof combined with the clarity of white tiles will enhance the dramatics of the bathroon.

4 Peach

Soft but daring. Shades peach and pastel pink they will give your bathroom a look Jovial and very flirtatious.

5 Modern

If you want to have a bath of the most modern, apart from decorate it with two different colors, don't cut yourself with the shapes.

6 Pop

But if you are clear that yours are the colors and want to launch yourself fully with an impact design, follow the example of this bath Y choose to decorate each area in two-tone blocks.

7 Blush

The dusty rose and marble They fit so well that words are left over.

8 Contrasts

Blue marks the depth. Orange enhances the light. The perfect mix for tiny bathrooms.

9 Art Deco

Before we talked about mixing shapes and colors, but yes you join different textures you will win a unique and fully customized space.

10 Vivid Green

The color of the trees will fill your bathroom with life if combine with a tone that highlights the contrast, like white.