The most expensive and luxurious mansion in the US

The most expensive and luxurious mansion in the US

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While it was being built, Le Palais Royal, now called Vista Isle Beach, in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, was already the most expensive house in the United States with a price of 139 million dollars. After the completion of its construction in 2018, it went on the market for 159 million and now in November it goes on auction.

Vista Isle Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean coast, halfway between the luxurious Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale beach mansions, which is known as the 'Millionaire Mile'. The house was sold half-built for 139 million dollars.

It is the only property on the entire Costa Dorada with 150 square meters of private beach, it also has a pier with two moorings for two boats of ± 67 meters and ± 45.

The main house has a garage for 30 cars, 11 rooms, 22 bathrooms, three master suites and a presidential lounge with an outdoor pool. It also has an IMAX cinema with 180 seats. Marble floors have a special sound insulation to avoid the annoying sound of heels.

He has received the "Best Property in the World" Award for the International Property Awards.

The most expensive and luxurious house in the USA. UU. It is now sold by ONE Sotheby's International Realty and Concierge Auctions, for $ 159 million. The auction date begins on November 12 and ends on November 15.



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