Decorate your house with wooden pallets (and don't spend a single euro)

Decorate your house with wooden pallets (and don't spend a single euro)

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If you are looking for ways to decorate your home without spending money and with results worthy of exposure, go looking for a few wooden pallets, because you are going to freak out in colors! Coffee tables, bed structures, shelves ... Everything is possible using imagination and a little ingenuity.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 The center of all eyes

Is center table It was achieved by joining several pallets, varnishing them and adding some legs to support.

2 cute kitty

Instead of spending a fortune on buying a scraper and a bed for your cat, using two pallets you will have both for free.

3 The best storage

The children's room will never be the same with this pallet shelf attached to its bunk. Amazing!

4 On wheels

Can you think of a trolley For your drinks more original than this made with three wooden pallets?

5 sweet dreams

Headboard and matching structure, and all done with pallets! The trick to make it so extremely cozy? Internal lighting.

6 For the kids

A little paint works miracles! And if not, let them tell this pimp of shelving Ideal for children's bedroom.

7 Welcome!

A receiver in conditions needs a space to place coats and shoes, but instead of leaving the savings of the month in a closet, you can ride one on your own with the help of hooks and pallets.

8 Top kitchen

Place one blackboard at the base of the pallet, and you'll have a great place to write funny messages wherever you put it.

9 Colorinchis

Another idea to have a fresh and youthful hall it is cplace several pallets as blocks on the wall, and paint them in clear and striking colors.

10 To the garden

To get a beautiful garden you don't need any land. Use the shelves of a pallet to insert several plants and decorate with lanterns, same as in the photo!


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