Color-block, the trend that is ready to make your day

Color-block, the trend that is ready to make your day

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His own name indicates it, and that is the trend of the moment, color-block, consists of decorating the spaces with furniture and brightly colored pieces, combining them with each other and playing with geometry. The proposal is bold, but you don't know the energy it gives to the environments!

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If you don't like the bright colors, you can adapt the color-block With pastel tones. It will look as beautiful as in the photo!

Pinterest: Othman

A very original kitchen

The geometric designs and the mix of colors create a very attractive and original kitchen.

Pinterest: Debbs Lee

Two color hall

We are sure that all your visits will want to make a selfie as soon as they enter through the door, and rightly so!

Pinterest: Opus Pusnar

Contrast and elegance Masquespace

Who said you couldn't have an elegant and daring room? This combination of colors and textures proposed by Masquespacio is beautiful!


If you want to create a corner that inspires freshness as soon as you see it, opt for color-block in mint and pastel pink tones.

Pinterest: Nonagon


If you notice that your strength is lacking, of course, you need an area full of deco vitamins!

Pinterest: Kristen Magee

With pelicans

The fashion of the pelicans does not happen, and it is that these nice birds are great on the walls, and if you combine the wallpaper with a block in pastel blue, bingo!

Pinterest: Othman

A room with a lot of art

Choose two tones with a lot of contrast for the wall, and add color details, such as flashy vases or that picture that you like so much.

Pinterest: Ant

In muted tones

If you turn strong colors, this option in more muted tones is very elegant and will not tire you so soon.

Pinterest: Henk-Jan Room

The most chic corner

The coral tones are ideal to add a sophisticated touch to that corner so chic.

Pinterest: Perfect Acosta

For pink fans

This chair will become the center of attention. Think about it, you will only need a wall full of contrast, and voila!

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Pop essence

If you are more than sixty, this orange chair is ideal to make your own revival mod. And long live The Who!

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The surprise detail

How about this glass bottle shaped lamp? Original is a while, and it sure impresses everyone who sees it!

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