How to create environments with color

How to create environments with color

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Color is a very powerful resource to create environment. And knowing the sensations that each one transmits, what is called color psychology, is the first step to choose well and make the space pleasing. Getting the right dose to use is another sensitive issue, but knowing rule 60-30-10 helps.

It consists of choosing a protagonist color or dominant (60%), a secondary color (30%) and a third for the rest of the room (10%), which is also called an accent, and which usually put the accessories. The reason why the aforementioned formula is successful is this: the primary color attracts the eye, the secondary color adds interest and the final one stands out from the previous ones.

Rivers of ink have been written, never better, about the color in the decoration. Information abounds in the press and on the Internet, and yet most of them seem like a complicated issue. As a valuable ally we have the color circle or color wheel, which represents the primary colors, red, yellow and blue, and their combinations to create all other tones. This circle is a tool for understanding the relationships between colors and getting it right. Add that light, both natural and artificial, is key for a color scheme to work, because it affects the perception of colors. It is also convenient to pay attention to the novelties since, perhaps among the trendy tones that are launched in decoration, the crush arises and the favorite color is found. This year dominate two according to the Pantone Institute, the Rosa Quartz and the Serenity blue. Do you want to expand this information? Browse the websites of firms such as Pantone, Bruguer or Jotun.

Advertising - Keep reading under Blue sofa

Neither energetic blue, nor soft pastel. The sofa becomes the protagonist of the decoration, upholstered in a false plain in cyan, and with the white background, which enhances its retro design. If you choose this medium tone for a piece with such visual weight, pay attention to the background; You should not overshadow him. Similar sofa, in La Oca and Maisons du Monde.

Blue cushion

Compare these cushions; Each blue is different and transmits different sensations. Covers Hemtrakt Y Doftranka, from Ikea (€ 9.99 and € 4.99).

Contrast cushion in blue

Compare these cushions; Each blue is different and transmits different sensations. Covers Hemtrakt Y Doftranka, from Ikea (€ 9.99 and € 4.99).

Stool in light wood

Dusty or dusty tones devastate decoration. Perfect, its contrast with light wood. Stool, from Bloomingville (€ 63).

Armchair with capitoné buttons

The contrast of blues increases interest in this armchair. The capitoné buttons and the live in arms
and back decorate the design Beatle, from La Oca (€ 695).

Coat racks in blue and pink

These coat racks represent the tones that
The Pantone Institute, the authority in the field, announces as star colors for this year.
They are called Azul Serenity (15-3919) and Rosa Quartz (13-1520). They are ultra-soft tones, which transmit serenity and calm, together or separately. Goodbye to prejudices around pastel blue and pink. When decorating, it is better to focus on emotions.

Blue vases

Cobalt blue creates an optical effect in these vases: the white motifs appear in relief. The intensity of that blue is nuanced with a composition that adds pieces of fiber and bamboo, but especially with the lighter and textured blues of linen and the wall. From Parlane: vases Havana (€ 53.90 and € 76.90); crystal balls (€ 18.90 each); bowl (€ 22.90); Lantern (€ 155) and plaid (€ 149).

Bedside table in green

Painted in dark green and matt, this bedside table acquires a cottage air. Is the model Hurdal, from Ikea, in solid pine; It measures 49 x 34 x 62 cm (€ 89).

Table with tropical print

A puzzle of jungle motifs with visual impact. Lush and colorful tropical print of this table, Really Nice Things; in pine wood (€ 349 / set of 3 in different sizes).

Green fiber chair

Fiber furniture is updated with little seen greens. In the chair, by HK Living, it is a dark tone that enhances the mesh formed by its strips (€ 249).

Patterned cushion

The greens find in the natural tones a serene and discreet background, which invites to disconnect and rest. How is it mixed with other more intense colors? In the cushion of this room is contrasted with bursts in blue and red; a great success, because that combination fuels its tone, empowers it. Printed cushion, Nordic Style.

Towels with plant motifs

It is a color that balances body and mind and induces relaxation. It is used in all rooms of the house, but it is in the bathroom where its added freshness is most evident. With these towels with vegetable motifs in a chalk green, you may feel their anti-stress effect. From the signature Pip Studio, model Lacy Dutch, in cotton (from € 4.95 each).

Green bench

Associated with nature, it transmits well-being. With light tones, the space is visually enlarged, but dark ones, such as pine green, are bleak and can be overwhelming; should be illuminated with a clear palette. From Laura Ashley: Bank Elgin (€ 555); cushions (€ 68 and € 77); table (€ 145); lamp (€ 155) and carpet (€ 425).

Orange sofa

The warm counterpoint to a natural palette: orange tones and light tiles. The color of the sofa Tasie, it resembles clay, but in a chic version; It is from La Redoute (from € 999).

Yellow side table

Very functional, this stool is also an auxiliary table. The model Nini, from Schönbuch (€ 307), squander joy with the Kvdrat brand cushion (€ 107)

Wood table

If it is already difficult to decide which shade to choose between two or three blue walls, for example, it is even more so in the case of several natural tones. The differences are subtle, right? This front is painted with the new color 1024 Timeless, of the range Majestic interiors, from Jotun (from € 13.9 / liter).

Wooden chair

Oak, birch, pine ... are tones that harmonize with cream, linen, ivory and bone colors. The union of these two ranges creates cozy and balanced environments. Just imagine the effect of a raw carpet on a platform, to know for sure that they complement each other well. Habitat chair.

Wicker mirrors

Wicker complements marry well with raw tones. Shaped in the sun and eye, mirrors Nogu, from La Redoute (€ 59.99 and € 69.99).

Flexo lamp in natural wood

The texture of light wood, untreated ...
enriches an environment decorated with a natural range. Flexo, by Hübsch (€ 150).

Armchair in cotton and linen

Discreet and serene, natural tones convey warmth, without diminishing luminosity. To avoid that a decorated environment in this range can be monotonous, it is recommended to mix textures and contrast with some dark brushstroke, such as mole, mink or black! Armchair, by Car Möbel, in cotton and linen (€ 299

Metal bedside table

In an orange tone, it lifts the mood. Table Capri, of Maisons du Monde, is made of metal; It measures 35 x 41 cm (€ 29.99).

Damajuana in Fuchsia

Intense roses splurge glamor. Fuchsia accessories arouse maximum interest. Damajuana, from HK Living (€ 21.80).

Plastic paint

Tangerine, lime, lemon, pistachio, turmeric ... next to the fluorine tones, they are exciting, energizing and vivacious. They have a great impact on decoration and mood! On the wall and tables, plastic paint from the collection Colors of the World, from Bruguer (€ 23.95 / 4 l).

Melamine bowl

The mixture of intense colors in the presentation of a table already opens the appetite. In this case, green and fuchsia are combined, with a multicolored butterfly print that includes, of course, the above tones. Kitchenware, from Rice: melamine bowl (from € 7.90).

Yellow cushions

Radiant and bright as the king star, the yellow
It is pure energy. Put the sun at home with details like these cushions, from La Redoute (€ 19 each).

Spherical lampshade

Black lamps are focal point. In this Bloomingville model, the bulb seems to float inside the spherical screen (€ 169).

Glass vase

An elegant set of transparencies that of this sinuous vase. It's the vase Aalto, created by this designer in 1936 and edited by Iittala, which he calls the color of the Storm Gray glass (€ 149).

Cotton pouf

With a print that blends ethnic and Nordic styles. It's the pouf Agag, from La Redoute, in cotton; It measures 60 x 60 x 40 cm (€ 79.99).

Teapot in black tones

Black also reaches ceramics. You will see its contrast with white in the household items.

Cushions and accessories in black

Dark gray, so present in urban environments, now competes with black to decorate the interiors. However, this duel does not have to be defeated: combining several shades of both colors is a success because they complement each other. It only remains to add some white brushstroke that illuminates them. Cushions (€ 65 each) and accessories, by Hübsch.

Sisal carpet with pink trim

A flirtatious sisal carpet with pink trim breaks the black & white duo, ubiquitous in this corner. A bold color game, which energizes any environment with a decoration based on this reduced palette. Other trendy color options: mint green, pastel blue, coral ... Furniture, table and carpet (€ 69.95), are from HK Living.