Three luxury getaways for the October bridge

Three luxury getaways for the October bridge

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Courtesy Hotel Rural Es Trull


Just one kilometer from the capital of Ibiza and on one of the best beaches on the island is the rural hotel Es Trull, in Can Palau. This century-old country house is surrounded by almond, olive, carob, pine and fig trees for a magical natural environment, impregnated with the smell of Mediterranean forest. The wood, the stone, the water and the light together with the silence come together to make unforgettable days necessary to replenish energies facing the hard return to school. In addition, the place has unbeatable views of the sea, the city and the Ibizan coast.

WHERE? Can Palau de Dalt, s / n Ibiza Tlf. 971806864


We stay with him The Riad hotel, an allegation to the palatial structures of Morocco recognizable by its courtyards, terraces,


A relaxing getaway to spa hotel Salinas, Imón. It is located in a stately home of the seventeenth century and was royal inn of King Carlos III on his trip to the salt flats of Imón. The result of the transformation of the building into a hotel amazes the traveler because of the originality of its restoration and recovery of existing elements. Choosing a room is like choosing a dream. The room Carlos III, in which the monarch spent the night, is the reflection of an era. Even one can move to the East with the Chinese room. El Palomar, in one of the two towers, reminds us of the cooing of the birds in love. The lounges, the library with fireplace and each of its 11 rooms are decorated with antiques and full of amazing details.

WHERE? C / Cervantes, 49, Imón (Sigüenza) -Guadalajara. Phone 949397311


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