Recreate the industrial style without spending much

Recreate the industrial style without spending much

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The defendant industrial style, so intimately linked with the aesthetics of New York lofts, seeks to reduce costs in large spaces taking advantage of places such as factories or warehouses. The artists have created authentic works of art and the pocket has ended up suffering. However, get the aesthetic industryl in version low cost, it is not so difficult.

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For example, you can achieve an industrial aesthetic environment in a open space starting by dressing the walls with wooden planks halfway. Get a few boards to cover only one wall, for example, the one on which you place the sofa. Paint with chalk paint and then age with judea bitumen, sand the corners and create a mural halfway. The rest of the wall paint it in tile color, marengo or leave it blank.

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If you want to get the classic brick wall live own industrial buildings without having to do work, go to the rescuers adhesive vinyl of textures. Visually, you will be able to create the same effect for much less money and without having to lift walls in between.

Another good thing about industrial aesthetics is that the wiring of the electrical installation, you can be left out without worrying about the delicacy or how rude it is to have everything in sight. Choose to leave the bulbs bare and place them halfway up, from the ceiling. One of the elements of this style is to expose this type of elements.

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Iron and steel They are the great allies next to the wood. Those old furniture you have in the garden ... are now the ones chosen to enter your living room! Paint them in bright colors or leave them with their natural finish. The more time passes, the better!

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