Zen decoration for your home

Zen decoration for your home

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The lighting it must always be subtle, indirect, to achieve a soft and sensual environment, That encourages meditation and rest. The rice paper screens create a suitable atmosphere. Search the lamps of the series Akari, designed by Isamu Noguchi in the 50s, and edited by Vitra.

The decorative complements They do not abound in Zen environments, the spaces are apparently austere but, in reality, they are neat and clean, never overloaded. You can always turn to oriental details to enrich them: flowers on the branch, centers of Ikebana -the Japanese floral art-, canvases with oriental spelling, porcelains ...

In upholstery and papers, there are also prints inspiring Discover the prints Kabuki Lanternsfrom Designers Guild, Ginger Jars, of Coordonné and Mingby Pierre Frey.

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With mix upholstered, this floor-level sofa captivates zen lovers Passionate about design. The couch Mah Jong, by Roche Bobois, which takes its name from the well-known Chinese board game, is a signature classic, which has just turned forty. With the fabrics of Kenzo, Jean Paul Gaultier and Missoni, he shows his face more happy & hippy. Similar branch flowers, from Sia. Neutral and earth colors are the most used in Zen decoration, but without adding any contrast, the atmosphere could be monotonous. It will be enough to give more intensity to a wall to gain visual interest and decorate it with sheets and oriental works; let yourself be surprised by www.art.com

Spring Festival

Branch flowers, a classic in oriental decoration, are a source of inspiration for designers across the globe. In upholsteries, wallpapers and murals, they have an elegant style, but also a natural point that harmonizes with country environments, vintage or shabby chic. Rod of similar artificial flowers, in Sia. Basics to recreate the oriental style: cherry blossoms, called sakura in Japanese; panels shoji, made of paper or fibers, which are divisors of space; simple furniture, clean lines, and tatami rugs. Of course, not missing the aromas and the right music!

Pure sensuality

The delicate figure of a geisha conveys the sense of serenity that reigns in oriental ceremonies and rituals. The composition acquires a more current air with pastel brushstrokes. Nothing alters the harmony of a decorative collage that distills femininity and is loaded with symbolism: yellow pottery, a nod to imperial color, and red, the spell to good luck. Similar tibores, in Asitrade.

Minimalism with style

A Zen aesthetic table is committed to the purity of white color and simplicity in the elements as a way to achieve harmony and balance. East look total white, which can be cold, is nuanced with pastel tones. The basic in Asian cuisine: the rice bowl, you'll find it in Muji. Plate with dahlia and bowls in pastel tones, by Kenzo Maison. The view and the palate are united in Asian cuisine, which requires specific utensils and a presentation that enhances it. Aesthetics is very important in an oriental dish: sushi, saahsimi, dim sum... You will find ideas, recipes, woks, pans and all the ingredients you need in Tokyo-Ya.es.

More than symbols

The traditional Japanese dolls, called Kokeshi, inspire colorful and very decorative trendy designs. Like the originals, they are characterized by their simple trunk, without arms, or legs, and their rounded head. From there, with a lot of creativity and style, they become pieces adapted to the most current deco. These grinders are from the series The Chin Family, from Alessi, but other brands such as Kimmidoll, offer a wide variety of designs, representing different values: generosity, strength, gratitude ...

Temple at home

Choose the oriental motif with which you identify more to create a Zen corner. The enigmatic look of a geisha, the beauty of calligraphy, the elegance of a kimono, the simplicity of the gray stones ... That environment, like a Zen garden, will be a mini space to favor relaxation and well-being. White table with similar design, by Stua. Similar carpets, from Woodnotes and Naturtex.