4 Ideas to have a white kitchen… Impoluta!

4 Ideas to have a white kitchen… Impoluta!

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The white in the kitchens produces a feeling of cleanliness, balance and harmony, but if used in excess it can cause a cold environment. So that this does not happen, play with colors on fabrics, utensils or on the walls. You can tile an area of ​​the kitchen with tiles in shades as different as black, green or orange. A cheaper solution is to paint a single front of the room. Choose a washable paint in soft tones, such as Sanderson Paints.

Illumination. Good lighting is very important not only for cooking but also for creating relaxed environments where the family can gather. Take advantage of natural light without obstructing its passage. Place recessed spotlights to give a uniform light to the entire room, and lamps over the work area and office.

ROLLING STATIONWith light fabrics, it is the best option for the window, lets in the light and gives privacy.


One of the main advantages of white is that it is perfect to fit with any style. You will only have to choose the accessories and you will change its character. If you want to give it an Ibizan air, put accessories in blue tones; If you prefer a rustic look, bet on floral details and wrought iron accessories. If yours is shabby chic, put curtains and accessories in pastel color. Add natural fiber materials and you will have a retro air cooker.

Countertops Complete your kitchen with the countertop that best suits your taste and budget. Those of compact quartz are hard, difficult to scratch and resistant to water, but not to temperatures. The granite ones are expensive but durable; Marble scratches easily, and porcelain tiles are very resistant. Dröm Living project

PROLONG THE HOB. On the work front, you will give color and you will find it easier to clean and protect.


If you do not want your white kitchen to be too uniform and boring, add elements that give it dynamism and life. If you have space, incorporate an island. Ideally, it is made of wood to provide warmth to the room and surrounded by high stools of a groundbreaking color. Another idea is to choose an open piece of furniture, only with shelves, to show off your dishes, glassware ... or put translucent or transparent glass doors. You choose!

Floors. Take advantage of this surface to turn your kitchen into a living room. Hydraulic floors are very decorative and easy to clean. Porcelain in dark tones will give it a modern and elegant look. If you prefer something more minimalist, yours is the stoneware in light tones, and if you want a cozy atmosphere, wood.

GOOD MEASUREMENTS. The standard height of the island is 90 cm, but if you use it as a table, raise it to 110 cm.

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4 FINISHES Brian Woodlock

Gloss or matte? Afraid it seems too bright? Or to be very sad? It is another of the dilemmas that you will face if you decide to put your kitchen blank. The gloss finish is more spectacular and gives a modern touch. Notice why not all brightness is the same, there is water, mirror, etc. Ask for a test and look with the light of your kitchen. The matte finish gets less dirty and will give your room a serene and more discreet touch.

Cleaning. White is a color that denotes purity and hygiene, but it is also where any point of dirt is noticed before. It is advisable to clean the grease and footprints of your furniture every day. Use a grease remover or mix a cup of vinegar in a hot water with baking soda and pass a cloth.

GREATER INTIMITY. Half-height curtains let the light through and avoid prying eyes.

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