A renovated apartment in Madrid de los Austrias

A renovated apartment in Madrid de los Austrias

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In Madrid de los Austrias, between the Royal Palace and the traditional Mercado de San Miguel, a couple preparing their wedding found, in a building built at the end of the 19th century, the perfect floor to start their new life together. Well, it was not quite perfect: the distribution did not quite convince them, but its light, the tranquility of the area (in which they had lived a lifetime) and the charm of the original elements convinced them to bet on it and put it in hands of the ACGP Arquitectura studio and the architect Luis J. Aguilar to condition it.

The first thing they did was to reconfigure their rooms: "With a general C-shaped layout and its access in the central part, we divided the house into two spaces: the public area on the right, with the living-dining room and the kitchen with pantry and the private area on the left, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a dressing room, "they explain. The bathrooms, the storage spaces and the dressing room were located inside, in the spaces without natural light and the rooms where more life was done next to the large balconies.

At the time of reform, they recovered all the original elements that they could and were made with hydraulic tiles, an exempt bathtub and the glass door of the kitchen of other works of buildings of the same time. The new materials, such as wood of the floors or interior carpentry, were chosen in a style that dialogues with the previous one, as well as the furniture, which emphasizes the style of the spaces.

Photos: ACGP Architecture

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The architects of the studio ACGP they affirm that the kitchen is "the space with greater personality of the house, by its air vintage, for its breadth, its light (since it gives two main facades of the building) and its views: the beautiful church of San Nicolás is seen and its bells are heard ".


The hydraulic tile floor was recovered from a work of an old building. The countertop and the front of the kitchen are made of Macael marble and the furniture, made to measure and only low to give prominence to the window and its views, are imitation wood.

Breakfast with views

The central space was left to place "a wooden table and chairs with backs and wicker seat, to have breakfast in the morning while the sun comes through the windows. A cozy and warm place that invites you to stay," the architects explain.


The kitchen was lightened thanks to the attached pantry and laundry area, with plenty of storage space.

Be connected

The owners wanted the kitchen and living room to be connected, but that they could become independent when necessary. It was achieved thanks to a sliding door that they recovered from a work.

Front view

The living room seen from the kitchen. The two rooms have large windows facing the street.


The furniture was selected to help emphasize the charm of the floor's past.


The floors are new, but a wood was selected that dialogues the original and rescued elements.

Recover the essence

The white wooden shutters are the originals of the 1880 building. The architects restored them.

Well surrounded

A Thonet bench, an Eames rocking chair, two white armchairs and a large red velvet sofa make up the living room area.


The 142 square meter apartment is C-shaped, so half was allocated for common areas and the other half for private ones, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

The hall

In order not to leave the corridor in the dark, interior windows were installed in the upper part of the rooms with natural light.


A wall painted red brings a touch of color to the corridor and breaks the monotony of white.

Have a seat

At the foot of the guest bedroom a couple of wooden and wicker chairs.

The main room

The master bedroom (in the background) has a dressing room and bathroom.

Custom designed

The custom dressing was placed between the bedroom and the bathroom, "damping the sound of the shower, which they appreciate given the difference in the couple's schedules," the architects explain.

Main bathroom

The main bathroom has two sinks and the toilet separated from the rest.

Very natural

White and fibers are the main protagonists of this space.


The exempt bathtub recovered from a work. Next to her, a ladder serves as a towel rail.

Second bathroom

Light gray microcement walls and floors to give continuity to the space.

Handmade pottery

The ceramic tiling of the bathrooms is from the firm hand made and no piece is the same as the other. "They bring delicacy and a touch of color," they explain from the ACGP study.