I found a kitten, what do I do?

I found a kitten, what do I do?

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After the mating season, many street cats will get pregnant. If there is no problem that prevents it, that birth will take place as nature wants it to be and the kittens will be raised with their parent. If not, some of the offspring may be left alone in the open because of rejection, loss ... as do the thousands of abandonments that happen every day in our country. This guide is dedicated to all those who do not want to look the other way in the case of encountering a newborn baby kitten. His life may depend on you.

The heat, fundamental

A newborn baby kitten needs heat to survive. By not having their mother close, the baby is defenseless and they are not able to regulate their body temperature so, even if it is hot, if you are one of them abandoned, do not hesitate to tuck it in (it can die) and keep a constant temperature of about 38 degrees.

Identify your age

We have no chance of knowing the exact date of birth and knowing how old the kitten is will help to know what dose of food we should give it. If you still keep the umbilical cord and, of course, your eyes closed, you will not have more than 4 days. If your eyes are closed but the umbilical cord has already fallen, it can be around 6 days. With your eyes slightly open you will have already completed your first week and if you see that your eyes have opened but you still don't have teeth, you probably have about 2 weeks.

Up to this point, kittens usually crawl (don't be scared if you see that it is not normal). When they begin to have more agility and have their teeth and eyes completely open and formed, they will be about to meet the first month of life.

To veterinary

Of course, the first thing we should do is take the nearest or trusted veterinarian to the little baby. After a first check-up you will be assured that you do not have external parasites, it will teach you to stimulate the ano-genital area (since it would be your mother in a natural situation who did it) and will give you the feeding guidelines.

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What do I feed him?

Milk. But not anyone. Don't give him the milk you drink with your coffee. These kittens need a special milk containing colostrum, which will provide energy and help strengthen your immune system. Depending on how old you are, an hourly schedule will have to be established. In its first week, the regularity will be more constant (every 2-3 hours), as well as the amount. Check in the instructions of feline breast milk how much and how to give the food.

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Baby bottle or syringe?

When they are very young, it will be much easier to provide food with a syringe. Then, it is advisable to do it with a special bottle and a nipple that is not too open to prevent too much air from entering.

Place it in an area free of drafts, with a constant temperature, away from air conditioners and out of all contact with other animals in the house. The first weeks are vital to move it forward. Following these tips, everything will be fine.