How to remove permanent marker stains

How to remove permanent marker stains

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Yes, we have all ever stained ourselves with a permanent marker. When it has not been in a move, naming the boxes with these hard markers has been in some craft or product marking work. And when the manipulation is by the smallest, those fearsome spots multiply.

Put the garment in the washing machine and see that the stain has not matched the 40 degrees of washing temperature, rub hard on a carpet or furniture and see that this happy stain does not even feel ...

Maybe you didn't know (until today) some "magic" tricks to win the battle. Here you have them:

- To remove stains on clothes: the best? hand sanitizers "Hand" of saint ... and never better.

- To remove ceramic stains: Try brushing the stain with toothpaste or a yeast paste and water.

- To remove stains on the wall: Toothpaste is again a great ally and, attention, also lacquer!

- To remove stains on wood: Against the stains of a permanent on the wood, rub with alcohol. There is no other.

- To remove stains on carpets: White vinegar will be your best ally.

- To remove stains on glass: This is more than simple and is that like hand soap, nothing.

- To remove stains on furniture: Try milk.


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