Make your display table step by step

Make your display table step by step

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This exhibition table is perfect for displaying the objects in your collection: spoons, key chains, postcards or pipes. They deserve a special place, in view of all. We propose you to make a versatile and very decorative piezar: a side table with an envelope on which to wear them. We explain step by step how to mount it.

materials (all in Leroy Merlin):
- An 80 x 40 cm DM board
- 240 x 3.8 cm wooden strip
- 4 wooden legs
- 4 wheels (two of them with brake)
- 4 washers and 4 nuts
- Methacrylate iron
- Wallpaper and wallpaper glue
- Paint, brushes and white glue
- Driller
- Keyhole saw

How is it done?

1. Cut the 4 sides of the envelope, those who will give volume. Measure the long sides of the board that will be the base and cut two strips of the ribbon. Pose them on the rectangular board and measure the gap left in the short sides. Cut two other strips of that ribbon measure.

2. Gently sand the edges of the 4 slats and paste them to the base board on the edge with carpenter's tail. Let dry well.

3. Pencil mark on the board the points where the legs will be placed. Before placing them, fix the wheels to the end of each leg with screws.

4. Make holes in the board with a drill and fix the legs To do this, place the leg under the board and inside the envelope fix it with a nut and a washer, for greater support.

5. Paint the table in the color you want. Here a lilac shade has been used for the exterior and another cream for the interior. Paper the board surface (measure and cut a rectangle).

6. Measure the rectangle of the envelope, inside the edges to cut the methacrylate plate (You can also order a glass from a glassmaker). Keep in mind that the measurement is internal, the methacrylate does not rest on the edges, but remains inside.

7. Before placing the methacrylate plate, cut a few cleats of the wooden slat that practically have the height of the edge except the thickness of the methacrylate (a few millimeters). You need 6 tacos, two at one end, two at the opposite and two at the center of the table (you can glue them to the edges for added security). Now you can place the iron on top of it without sinking and allow your collection to be displayed inside.

Golden teaspoons and flower coasters, from Zara Home. Colored dishes, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Flowerpot by Kenay Home

Advice: this same idea can be done, on a smaller scale, with box-type frames. Within them you can display your collection of thimbles, medals of popular races or booties and children's clothes.

Basket, for sale in Ikea. Carpet, from Leroy Merlin