Merry Christmas full of color! Christmas details with style

Merry Christmas full of color! Christmas details with style

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Warm up, go outside and visit the multiple Street markets of crafts that, one more year, meet in Christmas.

Advertising - Keep reading below Vinyl deer dancing

Brighten the walls with drawings that arouse smiles as soon as you see them. Dancing Deer Vinyl, in 83 x 114 cm (€ 61.50); from

Wooden tree with owl

Do you like the Nordic style? This ornament with owl included you will love. Poplar wood tree, in 18 x 51 cm, from Bloomingville (€ 12).

Metal lantern

So that your family reunions shine with romantic details. Metal lantern with finish vintage, from El Corte Inglés (€ 2.95).

Gold finish glass balls

This year, garlands are in fashion. The usual thing is to hang them on the tree, but you can also decorate windows and walls with them. This model, from Jardiland, measures 1.35 meters, and consists of glass balls with gold finish and ten led lights (€ 24.95).

Foot for tree base

A good solution to avoid seeing the base of the tree. Felt foot with doll motif
of snow, in 90 cm in diameter, by Leroy Merlin (€ 13.99).

small trees in wood as centerpieces

Bet on original centerpieces, like these small white-lacquered wood trees on one side, from Verdecora (€ 19.99).

Felt Star Cup Holder

Make good vibes prevail when sitting at the table. Felt star coasters, from Zara Home (€ 5.99 / 6 units).

Metallic panel for a white Christmas

This metal panel invites you to snow. Essential if you like a white Christmas! In 30 x 20 cm (€ 5.95 in Jardiland).

Doormat with message

Congratulate Christmas to everyone who knocks on your door. Place a crown, a star, a pineapple or a doormat with a message, like this one; It measures 80 x 40 cm and is from Bloomingville (€ 33).

Glass bottles with key

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Ask your children to write a wish and encourage them to keep it in these glass bottles with a key. Maybe it's true! Available in 8 x 15 cm and 7 x
9 cm (€ 7.95 each for sale in Jardiland).

Copper candle holder

Give your table a distinguished air and fill it with objects with a good star. Copper candle holder Vinter, in Ikea (€ 3.99)

Boy-girl wreath

Set balls, pineapples or elves on a string and create your own design. Boy-girl garland, 120 cm long, from Casa Viva (€ 9.95).

Metal Estella with Led lights

Light up your romantic evenings with a super modern wall ornament. Metal star with led lights, Verdecora (€ 24.99).

Sock for sweets

Remember to hang the sock in a visible place and fill it with sweets for the little ones. This model, with hearts, is from El Corte Inglés (€ 6.95).