A house on the lake

A house on the lake

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This little house is big in rustic style. Discover Low Country, a structure of 43 square meters that could well be the smallest house we have seen. The modular house is one of two designed by Jeffrey Dungan (from Jeffrey Dungan Architects, based in Birmingham) as part of the Tiny collection from the Clayton Building Group.

The exterior has laminated poplar bark cladding, while the roof is made of cedar wood and metal. "When I think of the countryside, I always move to the swamps of South Carolina and the coastal regions of Savannah and Charleston with its inherent and intoxicating ease of life," Dungan explains. "What could be more country that a porch with wooden supports and handmade details like carved beam? "

Like the old houses in the southern United States, the Low country It has vaulted ceilings to allow heat to circulate during the hot summers, as well as several windows for better ventilation. In the current house four people can sleep comfortably (there is a bed queen size in the bedroom).

In the kitchen, there is a full high pantry, a gas cooker, dishwasher, and a bar with room for four. There is even a washer-dryer, a desk and storage in full-height cabinets, three things that are not always seen in houses of this size.

Currently, the house is only a concept, it is not yet available to the public. Nor is the final price set, but we'll know soon.

"When we set out to design a collection of modular homes, my first thought was: That's what I've been avoiding all my life!" Explains Dungan. "After giving it a second thought, I realized that sometimes the opportunities come in disguise. We were impressed by the seriousness of the group in Clayton to do something out of the ordinary and that it would change the paradigm of prefabricated houses. We remain excited about the challenge and excited to adjust custom homes to a whole new market. "

Photos: Courtesy of Clayton Tiny Homes.

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