A restored country house with expertise

A restored country house with expertise

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Before moving to the Ría de Muros and Noia, María Moreno and her husband - the Englishman Rupert Wakefield - lived in London, where they worked in an advertising agency. But Rupert's entrepreneurial vocation and Maria's passion for decoration led them to buy a house to restore. His initial idea was Ibiza or Barcelona, ​​but María's Galician family saw the time to bring her family closer.

IN WILD NATURE. Next to the pool, the Balula Studio team devised an iron structure with a wooden deck that houses the summer dining room. This space opens completely to the garden, a haven where to relax and enjoy the silence. Table designed by Balula Studio. Chairs, by Hanbel. Cushions, of Ethnic Carpets. Tablecloth by Gancedo. Lanterns, of Los Peñotes. Carlos Arriaga Any space deserves to be decorated and studied in detail. The one with the outdoor breakfasts, too! Choose a simple tableware and decorate the center of the table with accessories in line with the summer season. Lanterns, from Zara Home. CARLOS ARRIAGA

The mother found a construction in O Cruceiro de Roo and in just a couple of months they changed the city of London to the rural Outes. The couple founded Balula Studio, which already has different rehabilitation projects in its portfolio, including that of this wonderful house on the beach of Aguieira, one of the best in Galicia. "The original construction was the perfect example of the so-called Galician Feism" - tells us María Moreno.

The pool, with convenient stepped access, is surrounded by a solarium area paved with wood. Located in a spectacular place, it is an ideal place to cool off after sunbathing. Deck chairs and coffee table, from El Corte Inglés. Towels, from Zara Home. Cushions, of Ethnic Carpets. CARLOS ARRIAGA In a corner of the porch a living area was created with an L-shaped workbench designed by Balula Studio. It was done in the same color and finish of walls and floor. Carpet and cushions, Ethnic Carpets. Coffee tables with wooden legs, Cube Deco, and metal, Zara Home. Lanterns and fish, from Los Peñotes. Wall light by Naluz. CARLOS ARRIAGA

“A building of two heights, with a bar on the ground floor and three apartments on the first floor.” I needed a comprehensive intervention: “in order to create a comfortable holiday rental house and thinking of a mostly English audience - who likes wide spaces- ”.

The living room was distributed in a U-shape, with a comfortable large sofa with chaise-longue as the main character of the environment. Thanks to the combination of wooden furniture with gray, raw and blue tones, a serene and elegant atmosphere was achieved. Sofa, by Cube Deco. Coffee table, from Asitrade. Carpet, cushions and blanket, by Gancedo. Curtains, by Leroy Merlin. CARLOS ARRIAGA On the ground floor, a large common area was created in which the living room, kitchen and dining room were located, as well as a library and a play area; the environments follow each other without partitions to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and luminosity. CARLOS ARRIAGA Tables, from V Dynasty. Hanbel chairs with cushions from Zara Home. Ceiling lamps, from Asitrade. Sideboard, from Asia Muebles. XL watch, by Maisons du Monde. CARLOS ARRIAGA Get two vases in the same finish, but of different sizes, and combine wild flowers with more refined varieties, such as coves or roses, to create a simple and elegant composition. CARLOS ARRIAGA

The first thing they did was to design a new, more open distribution. On the ground floor there was a large common area, without partitions, in which different environments were created: living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, a library corner and a play area, with a pool table for rainy days .

The first floor was reserved to place four bedrooms and their bathrooms. The rehabilitation works also affected the facade, which was completely renovated. In addition, the garden was designed and the pool was made.

Through the materials and the chromatic unit it was possible that the different environments of the ground floor formed a balanced and harmonious set and that, even so, each area would be perfectly defined. Wooden bookcase, from Asitrade. Wicker armchairs, from El Corte Inglés. CARLOS ARRIAGA
Master pillars and columns will help you define environments that share the same space. Paint them from the tone of the walls to integrate them into the decoration or, in a color that contrasts with them, if you want to give them greater prominence. Green glass vases and fiber carpet, Los Peñotes. CARLOS ARRIAGA
In the kitchen, furniture and appliances were organized around a large central island that houses a second sink and serves as a breakfast bar. Kitchen designed by Balula Studio with painted and stripped wood furniture, made to measure. Ceiling lamps, from Asitrade. The white kitchen furniture is from IKEA CARLOS ARRIAGA Wooden bookcase, from Asitrade. Wicker armchairs, from El Corte Inglés. Green glass vases and fiber carpet, Los Peñotes. The white kitchen furniture is from Ikea. CARLOS ARRIAGA
Wooden furniture and accessories, aged finishes, lattice doors, white painted walls, brushstrokes in green and pink ... Everything helps to create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere in this bedroom. Chest of drawers, from Brucs. Table lamp and mirrors, from Canterano. Wardrobe doors, V Dynasty. Curtains, by Antonio Ferre. Carpets of fiber, of Gancedo and patterned, of Ethnic Carpets. CARLOS ARRIAGA
In the decoration of the master bedroom a mix of textures and designs stands out: a classic bedside table, an outdoor fiber armchair, hanging lamps with retro look, a carpet with geometric patterns and, at the foot of the bed, a rustic bench . With the textiles in white, toasted and yellow tones, it was achieved that the whole breathed a sense of unity. Armchair, from El Corte Inglés. Bedside table from Zara Home. Cushions, by Gancedo. CARLOS ARRIAGA
Headboard, designed by Balula Studio, with Antonio Ferre upholstery. Cushions, Ethnic Carpets, Gancedo and Zara Home. Bedside table, from NV Vintage. The pendant lamp is from Naluz. CARLOS ARRIAGA
Both in the master bedroom and in his bathroom, it was played with duplicity to bring tranquility and balance to the decoration. Washbasin cabinet, from Asia Muebles; mirrors, by Maisons du Monde and sconces, by Naluz. CARLOS ARRIAGA
An exempt bathtub is the focus of attention in this bathroom; A spacious, bright and warm space, decorated with rustic wooden furniture in different finishes. Bathtub, Roca. Sink, Second King. Side table, Cube Deco. Pictures, of Canterano. Stairs, carpet and vase, from Los Peñotes. Towels, from Zara Home. CARLOS ARRIAGA
If you are going to place a pair of carpets in the same space, do not discard choosing them of different patterns and textures, but try to combine them with each other. A safe option is that one of the two is a simple and smooth design. CARLOS ARRIAGA
If you are looking for a mirror to accentuate the feeling of spaciousness, place it strategically: it is best to reflect a large space, such as a room or the street view, never in front of an empty wall. In perpendicular to a window, it will multiply the brightness. CARLOS ARRIAGA
An old dresser was recycled here as a washbasin cabinet with a very attractive pickling finish. To do this, sand the piece well, apply a coat of paint and, when dry, the wood ages by passing it a fine sandpaper. CARLOS ARRIAGA

After the works, which lasted a year, Balula Studio got a great house, but it lacked that special touch given by the original architectural elements and that have other of his projects. In this case, everything had been thrown away, as there was nothing worth keeping. Interior design would be responsible for providing originality and character to each and every one of the environments. Their hallmarks are undoubtedly custom-made furniture, most of them with a very attractive aged finish, and the passage doors, both of the bedrooms and bathrooms, made from demolition materials from a warehouse from Madrid. As a guiding thread of the decoration, a color palette in neutral and sober tones was used, with brushstrokes that soften and soften. The result, a spectacular reform, with impeccable environments, in an idyllic place where it is easy to disconnect and enjoy the silence.

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