From terrace to work and study area

From terrace to work and study area

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If you want to gain meters and you have a small terrace that you do not use, a good solution is to close it and incorporate it into the interior of the house as a work or study area. You can create a play corner, a reading area, a dressing room ... what we tell you in this article regarding the enclosure you can apply whatever the use you want to give the space.

In this case, in this project carried out by the Roma & Ro team, the owner of the house had a terrace between two rooms. A study area was closed and created, communicated with the bedrooms, but that remained independent so that it could be totally isolated if it was the case that someone is working and another person makes use of the bedroom.

As for the enclosure. It is important to opt for a quality one that isolates the room from noise and temperature. Choose a suitable acoustic and thermal enclosure. With thermal bridge breakage (so that the outside temperature does not reach the inner face of the glazing) or / and double glazing, if necessary, depending on the location. You should also keep in mind that the enclosures can be made of aluminum or PVC in different finishes.

The opening of the leaves is important depending on the distribution of the furniture you choose: swinging leaf (which remains more interior space) or sliding (always isolate less). If you choose a swing, the tilt-and-turn option allows you to ventilate without having to clear the area in front of the window.

To gain privacy or temperature or luminosity, think about placing blinds in the window.

In the case of a roof terrace clear, attic type or without floors above, choose an opaque or glazed closed roof. In any case you should know that this type of enclosures adds weight to the structure so you must ask permission and consult with professionals who ensure the completeness and safety of the work.

In this case, a terrace converted into a study area, we advise you to choose matte lining walls, which prevents glare, so uncomfortable to work.

Place the computer screen in the window (whenever possible) to work more comfortably without forcing the view.

You must have a general point of light. Also punctual, at the table. Place it to the right if you are left-handed and to the left if you are right-handed. In addition, when night falls, a single point of light can be intense in sight, so it is recommended that there be another point on the floor or on another table, soft ambient.

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