How to clean outdoor carpets

How to clean outdoor carpets

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The outdoor carpets are resistant precisely to withstand the dirt that adds the weathering to the footsteps. But still, they get dirty. They may shine again. What material is your carpet? Do you know how to clean it? We tell you.

NATURAL FIBERS, like jute or sisal. It is best to vacuum the carpet. Dry stains should be removed with a cloth, rubbing towards the center of the stain and not out so as not to spread it. On the wet spots, place an absorbent paper and then clean with a cloth with water and mild soap.

COTTON, Type mats or jarapas, are usually washable in the washing machine. You must follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper temperature. If your size does not fit in your washing machine, go to a laundry.

VINYL It is plastic so that with the mop, a damp cloth or just a hose they will look like new. Neutral soaps can be used for cleaning and then rinse.

BAMBOO SHEETS. With a damp cloth, well drained, so that the bamboo does not lose its shine. If it turns off over time, varnish it.

There are specific products, which you will find in DIY stores, for carpet cleaning. Consult with the professionals according to your material and give it a new life.