Small and well organized kitchens

Small and well organized kitchens

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Pinterest: Snolloc

Again, Pinterest has become the reflection of the lifestyle of today's society, and that is more and more people abandon the idea of ​​inhabiting huge houses in pursuit of the advantages of a central and mini flat, as are the fact of having less to clean and the savings that it entails in electricity or transportation bills.

But not everything was going to be a path of roses, because, let's assume it, nobody likes to cook in confined spaces, much less messy! Maybe for that One of the most successful searches in the social network is "how to organize small kitchens". Do you want to know the answers? Well read on!

Advertising - Keep reading under Floating Shelves Pinterest: Domino

Sometimes we forget how much the walls have to offer us, for example, when storage space is scarce.

The floating shelves They are an infallible solution to store your cutest crockery and make them look like decorative pieces. Add a picture or a monkey vase, and voila!

Dishwasher organizer for sinks Pinterest: Jehieli

If the sink area is so small that not even a plate fits, a organizer High as this one will become your best ally.

Kitchen cart Pinterest: Snolloc

There are a thousand different styles, and they are the sea of ​​functional, since In addition to having everything in sight, you can move it at your leisure and take it where you need.

Removable drawers Pinterest: My House

Another of the classics that never fail is to use removable drawers inside the closet. In addition to making your life easier, you can reach the bottom boats without problem.

Frying pan hanger Pinterest: Emily Mohs

If you no longer have room in the cabinets to store the pans and the oven seems like a bad place (it is), adopt this ingenious idea and create your own pan hanger. You will give an irresistible rustic touch to the kitchen!

Dish Organizer Pinterest: A Tavarez

Saving dishes is usually a problem when you have a lot of dishes of different sizes, but if you use a multi-shelf organizer, you can forget to carry weights every time you want to take that particular dish.

Vertical organizers Pinterest: Nilce Calabrese

A vertical organizer It will help you more easily dispose of any pan or accessory you need. Had you thought about it?

Magnetic boats Pinterest: Order and cleaning at home

Many times the shelves fall short, and there are so many things to save! For that reason, resort to magnetic boats It is the best way to get twice as much space.

Functional cabinets and drawers

Behind the discreet articulated doors of oak wood hides a true culinary center: countertop, shelves to store the utensils, plugs where to connect the small appliances, drawers and drawers that are used as a pantry ... until a removable table! Is named Orgavital and is from Mobalco.

Where to put all the garbage cans to recycle

This original cupboard stacks three different colored buckets in height so that it is visually easier to know where to throw containers, paper or glass. Its discreet fronts make, closed, no one suspects that it is a dump module. In addition, as it has little background it can be placed in any area without impeding the passage. Wardrobe with three cubes, from La Oca.