From former fisherman's house to current housing

From former fisherman's house to current housing

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Turning an apartment of 60 m2 into the ideal place to live and work was the challenge faced by the interior design studio Bloomint Interior Design. The uniqueness and success of both the reform as of the decor It was to approach the project from three points: the environment, the architectural characteristics and the image of the company that Kailani Ice Tea was going to establish there, a natural drinks firm. The building, located in the coastal neighborhood of the Barceloneta, was projected in the 50s by José Antonio Coderch, emblematic figure of Catalan architecture. It was carried out with the objective of relocating the fishermen who lived in the shacks of the city's beaches.

The house had never been renovated and, besides being very compartmentalized, it needed an urgent update. The Bloomint Design team relied on its enormous potential. The light and natural ventilation crossed the floor from side to side and the living room opened onto a balcony over a square full of life. Finally, as a workplace, housing should convey well-being, serene and pleasant environments in earth tones, and adjust to the Mediterranean lifestyle, with versatile and multifunctional spaces. For all this, a new distribution of the house was designed with two zones: day and night.

Traditional partitions were replaced by swinging wood panels, which allow to open or independent environments easily, when desired. The kitchen is the heart of the house. In addition to integrating a small office, it has a large dining table which is also used to work or meet. In its decoration a wink was made to the corporate colors of the company, and warm and natural materials, such as the wood and vegetable fibers, were combined with brushstrokes in grayish blue. The walls of the whole house were painted white and the original floor was replaced by hydraulic tiles in the day area - living room and kitchen - and parquet floor Oak in the night, bedrooms and bathroom. As for the decoration, old pieces alternated with contemporary designs.

Farewell to the monotonous kitchens

- Why choose all kitchen furniture in the same color? The combinations are endless, although a sure success is that one of the finishes is white or wood. The two harmonize with virtually all colors.
- Whatever the color game chosen, you must keep balance with the walls, floor and countertop.
- There is the possibility of choosing all the furniture of the same material -laminates, lacquered, PVC ... -or use one for each color.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room with terrace

In the decoration of the room, he opted for a young and casual style. The finish of the cladding - white painted walls and hydraulic tile flooring - helps to highlight the furniture, with modern design pieces in light wood and vegetable fibers.

Alicante blinds

On the terrace, Alicante blinds stand out, a classic. They protect from water, sift the light and preserve privacy. In addition, they let you see the outside and facilitate ventilation. You will find them in wood and also in PVC.

Living room open to the kitchen

Tailored panels were installed between the kitchen and the living room, which allow communicating or independenting the environments as desired. These combine a wooden structure with vegetable fiber quarters, in homage to the meshes and baskets used by fishermen in the area where the house is located.

Vintage chest of drawers

Nothing better than a piece vintage, with a charming aged air, to turn any corner of your house into an environment with personality. Chest of drawers acquired at Mercantic de Sant Cugat.

Square dining table

The unique original distribution of the kitchen was used to install a work area with wooden shelves, a closet and a custom desk.

The center of the room was reserved to place a square dining table, which also
Use for meetings.

Dining table, by Zachary Dallman. Natalia Galera, from Bensu Cerámica, painted the envelope a
hand in color, and on top of it he made a silkscreen in black.

Work zone

Whatever room you decide to integrate the work area, value the space you have. When the meters are scarce, it is best to opt for custom furniture, in the same style and material as the rest of the room.

Kitchen in one front

In the kitchen, furniture was combined in different finishes: wood and grayish blue. To lighten the space, the upper part was resolved with exposed shelves and fronts in the same fiber that was used in different elements of the house.
With this solution, in addition, a decorative unit was achieved. Kitchen furniture, made by Habitat Obres i Serveis. Ceiling lamps Santorini, from Marset.

Furniture sink

Recreate the charm of the kitchens of yesteryear with the classic furniture sink. The traditional designs are made of porcelain tiles, a resistant material, and in a gloss white finish, which stands out even more when accompanied by wooden furniture.

Biompos or panels

For screens or panels to be integrated into the space, you just have to choose frames that fit the decoration: vegetable fibers,
Japanese paper, plain or patterned fabrics ...

Main bedroom

The front on which the bed rests was highlighted with a wallpaper that mimics the appearance of an aged wall. A wall, in which two wall lights were installed, acts as a headboard. It was painted in the same color as the wall to be integrated.

Antique mirror and chair

With this mixture we wanted to make a wink to the contrast between the age of the construction, dating from the 50s, and the modern lifestyle
of its owner.

Painted paper

The front on which the bed rests was highlighted with a wallpaper that mimics the appearance of an aged wall.

A wall, in which two wall lights were installed, acts as a headboard. It was painted in the same color as the wall so that it was integrated when decorating the master bedroom, pieces found in antique dealers, which were restored for housing, and current, newly created designs were combined.

Guest room

Thanks to well-chosen pieces and accessories, the rooms gained in personality. Thus, in the guest room, the headboard wall was decorated with a colorful cloth hung on a wooden slat. Headboard fabric, by Ybarra & Serret.


In the bathroom, completely covered in white,
a black stone sink reminds the locals that are used in fishmongers.

Shower head

Optimize the space in the bathroom with built-in faucets. You will also get a greater sense of spaciousness if the shower head goes to the ceiling and the pipe is hidden. Choose designs that fit the decoration style.