How much does your favorite series house cost?

How much does your favorite series house cost?

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Since Tell me how it happened, Red Eagle, Velvet or The Ministry of Time to the mythical Blue summer. Your favorite series of Spanish fiction are developed in different locations of the Spanish geography. How much does a house cost in these scenarios?

The location of these great successes and others of television is varied. Although many sets they are shot indoors and specific scenarios are built on sets, there are also scenes that take place in identifiable buildings or exteriors or, at least, inspired by a real scenario.

From they tell us the prices of each one of the zones. So price to a home located in the places where the adventures of the protagonists of these series such as Rodolfo Sancho, Aura Garrido, Hugo Silva, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Paula Echevarría, Imanol Arias and Ana Duato, among others.

Information prepared with the information of the portal, which has analyzed the real estate value of the main scenarios of the most popular Spanish series.

Advertising - Keep reading below The Ministry of Time

The adventures of these atypical officials have made the ministéricos be thousands every night of emission.

The building from which savior lead the missions together with Irene Y Ernesto It doesn't really exist.

But five of the thirteen current ministries are located in Chamartín and four, in the center of Madrid.

Imagining, we could deduce that the surface of it should be wide enough to house the large number of doors that allow characters such as Amelia, Alonso or Julian fulfill your missions The hypothetical Ministry of Time could well be that of Development, which with 93,656 m² and a real estate value of about 394 million euros is the largest and most expensive in Spain.

Hugo Silva, Aura Garrido, Nacho Fresneda and Rodolfo Sancho in a promotional image provided by the producer of the series.

Red Eagle

This series of national invoice showed the public that it was possible to shoot good stories within our borders. The love affairs and intrigues that bring us closer to the Spain of the Golden Age have as a visual framework historical points of interest such as the Palace of Galiana de Toledo or the Alcazar of Segovia. In these provincial capitals it is possible to follow the steps of Gonzalo Montalvo and his alter ego masked in the company of his faithful Satur.

A typical house in Toledo would cost about 130,230 euros on average and in Segovia, 165,960 euros.

Inma Cuesta and David Janer in a scene of Red Eagle. Photo by Virginia M. Chico, courtesy of the series producer.

Tell me how it happened

San Genaro is the place where Alcantara They have been living for more than 15 years. Like most Spanish series, the sets Filming are created in huge ships. Antonio Y Merche, Together with their children and grandmother, they have lived and shown the recent history of Spain from a set in Pinto, where an average house would be worth about 141,120 euros.

According to the book Tell me. Fiction and reality, San Genaro would be in the Dehesa de la Villa, a park located in the district of Ciudad Universitaria, in the district of Moncloa-Aravaca, where being an owner would cost approximately 296,640 euros.

Jordi Rebellón, Irene Visedo and Pablo Rivero in an image provided by the producer.


The love story between Alberto Marquez Y Ana Ribera It has gone through many ups and downs. One of the most anticipated chapters of the first season took place in Paris, a destination that this couple dreamed of since they were children.

However, the room in which the night of passion between the two took place was not located in France, but in one of the most emblematic hotels in Madrid: the Ritz. In a privileged area of ​​the capital and with 16,127 m², this luxury accommodation houses 130 rooms and 30 suites This building in the Retiro district would have a real estate value of more than 56 million euros.

Paula Echevarría and Miguel Ángel Silvestre in an image of Manuel Fernández Valdés, courtesy of the production company.


Ten seasons issued. It has been the longest-running Spanish television comedy in our country. Emerged as a spin-off from Seven lifes, the daily life of the singular family Garcia soon it was complemented with other inhabitants of Esperanza Sur, such as Mauricio Colmenero or Chema and his son Fidel The Madrid neighborhood where the series is located is fictional, but the images of the header give key clues about where it could be inspired. The predominant images belong to the district of Carabanchel, a district of humble character that the producers of the series recognized as a reference. Living in a flat in height similar to that inhabited by characters like Luisma, Jonathan or Lorena It would cost about 148,860 euros.

Mariola Fuentes, Eduardo Casanova, Carmen Machi and Ana Polvorosa in an image of the series provided by the producer.

Pepe's Chiringuito

The north beach of Peníscola has not been the same since it opened the picnic area where the culinary arts of Pepe Leal and Sergi Roca came into conflict. Although the set of filming where the "fritangas" made their famous croqueton was removed, the Castellón town is a protagonist of the series.

Thus, the castle of Papa Luna splashes the background of many outdoor scenes, like the intricate streets of the old town, where the tahona of Laura Buying a home in this coastal city would cost around 145,080 euros.

Santi Millán, El Langui, Jesus Bonilla Y Patricia Count in a scene of El Chiringuito de Pepe, granted by the producer.

The one that is coming

The Mirador de Montepinar is heir to the street Desengaño 21, where the action of this series was located. Although the characters changed their names with respect to the first seasons, the tangles still have the same essence.

The sets where the episodes are recorded are located in Moraleja de Enmedio, where a housing type would cost about 96,390 euros.

The building that has just opened its doors to the ninth season of the series could well be located in a recently created Madrid neighborhood such as Valdebebas, in the district of Hortaleza, where a housing type would cost 255,870 euros; or El Cañaveral, in Vicálvaro, in which an average property would be worth about 157,230 euros.

Nacho Guerreros, Ricardo Arroyo, Cristina Castaño and Fernando Tejero in a scene of the series, provided by the producer.

Acacias 39

The same creators of The secret of Puente Viejo sign this soap opera set in Madrid at the gates of the twentieth century. The sets, located on a 2,600 m² set, reproduce 600 meters of a Madrid street. Located in the district of Arganzuela, a house near the farm where the Alvarez-Beautiful, the gentleman or the Palaces along with its service it would cost around 250,110 euros.

Candela Serrat and Luz Valenebro with the children in an image courtesy of the production company.

The Secret of Old Bridge

Doña F's intriguesrancisca Montenegro They accompany the afternoons of the audience since 2011, and not only in Spain, but in countries such as Chile, Venezuela, Italy, France, Serbia or Slovenia, among others. Although the Old Bridge Real is in Córdoba, in the series multiple references have been made to the peninsular northwest. Many fans are convinced that if Puente Viejo existed, it would be in Castilla y León, probably in some small rural enclave. The most affordable populations in this region are located in Benavente (Zamora) and Astorga (León), where a housing type would cost 64,980 and 67,950 euros, respectively.

Raúl Peña, Adriana Torrebejano and Álvaro Mortee, among others, in a scene of the series. Photo: Czech gem.

Blue summer

Surely you remember the song that Bea, Desi, Pancho, Javi, Tito Y Piranha they whistled while riding a bicycle during their vacations on the Costa del Sol. Countless generations have witnessed the death of Backgammon due to the repositions of the series.

The series is set in Nerja. Owning a home in the town that accumulates most of the scenarios would cost about 218,340 euros. But in addition to this enclave from Malaga, other towns such as Motril or Almuñécar, both in Granada, contributed landscapes to the avatars of the gang. In the first, a housing type would be worth 168,300 euros and in the second, 112,500 euros.

Pilar Torres, Antonio Ferrandis, Cristina Torres, Juan José Artero, José Luis Fernández, Miguel Ángel Valero, Miguel Joven, María Garralón and Gerardo Garrido in a promotional image.