A fun bedroom with teepee bed

A fun bedroom with teepee bed

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The rectangular floor plan of this bedroom, as well as the location of the entrance door, facilitated a distribution in three areas: warehouse, bed and leisure.

Advertising - Keep reading under Bed in the form of Indian teepee

The bed, with an original design on its sides, recalls an Indian teepee. Its structure allows castles, pirates, spaceships to play during the day ... without reloading space. Being white, it merges with the wall and window curtains. In addition, the wide openings on the longer sides visually lighten their weight. Bed (€ 495 in El Corte Inglés). Table (€ 55); chair (€ 35), bank (€ 59); pouf (€ 59.95) and carpet (€ 19.95). Everything,
for sale in El Corte Inglés.

Comfortable and children's rug

The carpet located near the bed, its size is ideal both for the girl to rest her feet on it when getting up and to play.

Suitcases for storing toys

The wall under the window was used to place books and toys, as if it were a bookcase. To make it easier for the bedroom owner to maintain order, the small pieces are stored in briefcases (€ 7.95 each). Bookends (€ 9.95). Curtains, at 1.48 x 2.76 m (€ 21.95). Everything in El Corte Inglés.

Duvet cover and patterned cushions

Drawer under the bed. It has a valuable storage capacity for sheets, blankets and bulky toys. From El Corte Inglés, duvet cover (€ 59.95) and cushions: prints (€ 19.95 each), shaped like a rabbit (€ 5.95) and crocodile (€ 19.95).

Room layout

1. REST AREA. He stood by the window. When homework arrives, a change will take place: the bed will move to the opposite wall, and in this space the work table will be located; so the girl can study with natural light.
2. HERE I PLAY. A table with a chair and a bench form this leisure area. The carpet delimits the space and allows to play on the floor without cooling.
2. SPACE TO SAVE. To the left of the door was a closet. Their shelves today are used to store toys, but the day the girl grows, they will house clothes and accessories.

Stuffed animals

Nice stuffed animals to play, but also to decorate the room and give it a natural touch through these animals.

Knit pouf

The carpet and the pouf offer the possibility of lying down, reading stories, sitting ... There are knitted and natural fiber.

Colored dishes

Avoid using utensils that can cause an accident. It is always better to use a plastic, paper or cardboard tableware with the kids. Win a lot when it is of different and striking colors. Plate (€ 3.50), glass (€ 1.15) and cutlery (€ 5.95); in El Corte Inglés.


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