A bedroom decorated in mint and white

A bedroom decorated in mint and white

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Advertising - Keep reading below Live the handmade!

Decorating a room for a preteen and that is to your liking, is not easy. Here it was achieved with a mixture of DIY and handicraft, such as the mint-painted stool, which serves as a seat as a table, or the design of the handmade carpet. Both, next to the bed. Stool, by Ikea. Carpet, by Makiwuan Ruana.

Touch of wood
Although Pepa Decora likes the color white in decoration, she wanted to introduce in her daughter's room wooden details that would give her an air more
cozy. The little houses, the decorative letters or the study lamp are some examples.

Simple and functional bed

Attached to the wall was placed a bed, simple and functional design, with storage area at the bottom to store toys, sheets and blankets.

A shelf and decorative objects such as small houses or reindeer, a DIY, were fixed on the wall
that it was a door stop in its origin, and that now it shows its charm on the headboard.

Bed Malm, from Ikea. Bedspread and cushions, by Maisons du Monde. Reno, from Aldi.

Custom houses

To give a Nordic touch to her daughter's room, Pepa Decora was made with a trio of wooden houses that she customized, covering the bottom with a gray paper with white stars and so they look beautiful! Casitas, from

Extralarge board

Next to the window was the desk, formed by a chair and a treated wooden board, similar to that of the bookshelf, which was devised by Pepa and made by her husband's handyman. As there was a gap between the headboard of the bed and the wall, it was decided to extend the board to the end so that Celia can use it as a bedside table. White chair model Wooden, from

Recycled planter
Pepa's husband is good at carpentry and proof of this is this study lamp made by him in wood. The hardest part was finding the tulip. In the end, an Ikea flower pot fit perfectly. A round recycling idea!

Composition of paintings

In front of the bed, a grid shelf was placed whose countertop was protected with a wooden board. The wall was decorated with a composition of pictures with drawings, photos and positive messages. Shelving Kallax and white frame, by Ikea. Art Print by Lady Desidia. Oval frame with bow, from Casa.

White cabinet with drawers

At the foot of the bed a white piece of furniture with drawers was arranged so that Celia could store shirts, her most delicate clothes and her first jewelry purchases. The countertop was decorated with a cactus box, small houses and a mini-design chest of drawers. Chest of drawers Malm, from Ikea.

Hang it wherever you want

Create a special atmosphere. Embroidered cotton portable lamp Creatures, from Paparajote Factory (€ 18.60).

Color geometry on this carpet

Soft tones brighten without stridency. Carpet Circus, of Asoral (€ 239, in 170 x 130 cm).

With bed, desk and storage area

Instagramer Pepa Decora wanted Celia's room, her preteen daughter, to be special, without falling into topics. Something that she achieved with a functional distribution and with the help of her husband, who made the ideas that were in the head of this passionate decoration come true.

1. REST AREA. It is formed by a 90 cm bed with high headboard and lower storage drawers. On the floor a carpet was arranged so that Celia was comfortable sitting on it.

2. STUDY AREA. The desk, custom-made by the girl's father, was arranged facing the window. The surface board was carried to the end so that Celia could use it as a bedside table. Once cut, sanded and varnished, it was fixed under the window. Next to the table, the replica chair of a design model that Pepa chose in white because it fits seamlessly into any decorated environment.

3. STORAGE. It was distributed in three areas: one facing the bed in the form of a bookcase for books and notebooks. A second at the foot of the bed in the form of a chest to store delicate clothes. And a third, in front of the door, with a closet closet. All blank.