Drawers and drawers always organized

Drawers and drawers always organized

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It has not yet been invented the bottomless drawer, the one where everything fits and there is always room for more. And almost better, because I already imagine doing overtime ordering them.

The truth is that they are often chosen without being clear about what will be stored in them, and therefore, some chest of drawers and chest of drawers They are impractical. Fortunately, almost always, the solution comes with the dividers and boxes: Creating divisions inside prevents your content from moving at each opening and closing, and helps you easily find anything.

Advertising - Read on below 6-drawer modules

Practical to save and even more to hide ... that is the advantage of the drawers with respect to the shelves. In addition, furniture like this, with so many divisions, always attract all eyes for two reasons: its great design
and the curiosity they wake up. 6-drawer modules, by Car Möbel (€ 165 each).

Baby clothes

Bodies, pajamas, t-shirts, frogs, skirts, cardigans, pants ... babies' clothes are mini, except coats and divers, and take up little space. That is why, in a chest of drawers, a multitude of garments fit, if placed as in this drawer: grouped and not stacked; arranged in a staggered way to know instantly what clothes to choose.
Bibs, hats, socks and mittens it is better to store them in boxes without a lid, to avoid mixing them with clothes.

When it no longer fits

No more scarf enters the drawers? Analyze how the guards - rolled and vertically occupy less; and the most delicate, in boxes- and check the ones you have. Do you really wear all? Touch to part with some if abundance prevents locating the one you want to take, not to mention wrinkles and the time spent ironing them. Okay, you can always buy one more dresser and gain storage space. Something like that is a timely solution, but you can't buy comfortable frequently… Practice the methods of the order gurus. Do they work! We tell you here
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Together but not mixed

Many small objects are lost in large drawers. Get inspired by this furniture, from Ikea, organized with divisions for those who travel non-stop. So it is easy to find a passport, documentation, lock, charger, alarm clock ...

Invisible shooters

Controls for image and sound equipment, agendas, magazines, catalogs ... Everything that circulates during the day in the living area is easily collected on a coffee table with drawers. If they don't have shooters, they're secret and invisible, right?

Display cabinet

Low drawers are practical for preserving items that are part of a collection from dust. But what if they want to be in sight? Then, a transparent drawer or one like this, integrated into the Liatorp table, by Ikea (199).

Diaphanous and maxi

Toys and sports equipment have different formats and measures, which do not usually fit on the shelf. The solution: optimize the valuable space under the bed with 1 or 2 king size drawers. Basic, take into account the total height of the drawer with the bolted wheels.

What a challenge!

Brushes, nail polishes, pencils ... dividers and boxes with multiple sizes are not a whim; They are a necessity, to save time. It is also essential that these drawers slide smoothly and easily and have a cushioned closure. Boxes Godmorgon, from Ikea: with compartments (€ 14.99) and with cover (€ 9.99 / 5).