This recreation of the House of 'Up' is as tender as the movie

This recreation of the House of 'Up' is as tender as the movie

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The colorful two-story structure that provided the stage for the beautiful but sad love story of Carl and Ellie would be a dream for anyone, even if you don't want to fly with balloons or fly hast Paradise Island It turns out that, for a citizen of Utah, it is a dream come true.

An Imgur user posted a picture of the lovely house, writing, "We went to Utah this weekend for a comic with, and I saw this! A recreation of the house of Up! "

In 2011, Bangerter Homes rebuilt the house (with Disney's permission and on condition that the plans be returned once completed, which makes it truly unique) at No. 13218 of Herriman Rose Blvd., in Herriman, Utah, as part of the area called Parade of Homes, in Salt Lake.

"The movie was about the idea that a house is a place where you live and grow and live your life," builder Blair Bangerter told KSL. "We've tried to get inspired by the movie and bring it to life in a real home."

Bringing it to real life they did, with everything from the white fence to the weather vane on the roof, an identical replica of the movie version. Even the inside is an exact copy of what is seen in the movie.

However, the Imgur user reported: "The people who live here are not so friendly." A sign at the door says: "This is a private residence. Do not enter!".

Surely they live daily with the inconvenience of tourist visits. According The Salt Lake TribuneClinton and Lynette Hamblin, the owners, who bought the house in 2011 for $ 400,000, are big fans of the movie. Like Carl and Ellie, they have experienced the pain of a miscarriage (although they do have other children) and want to grow old together.

"That movie made us grow as a couple," Lynette told the Tribune. "Life never ends and the adventure is out there." It seems that the house is in good hands.

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