10 very soft bedrooms to sleep in the clouds

10 very soft bedrooms to sleep in the clouds

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The place where you rest should be the closest thing to paradise: full of warm colors, soft fabrics, cushions fluffy and lots of natural light ... If you just want to describe it, you want to have a dream, or not?

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The makeup color is warm and perfect to combine with white or cream tones. Have you noticed the headboard? Absolute arrow!

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In feminine code

Shades nude combined with golden details they are ideal for a feminine and very cozy bedroom, especially if you fill the cushion bed!

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Cheerful, sweet and refreshing, just like fruit!

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Natural fibers

The pieces of natural fibers add warmth to the neutral tones of this bedroom, and the plants give it an irresistible dot!

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The ideal mix

If there is a mixture of colors and materials that stands out from the rest, it is that of powdered pink and copper. Always so chic!

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Light everywhere

If you are lucky enough to have such views and amount of natural light, congratulations (and invite us for a weekend), but if not ... Stay with the maxi size of the bed and the combination of white and dusty pink tones.

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A very original headboard

Made with white wood sheets to match the exposed brick wall. An atmosphere as fresh as cozy with cushions full of grace!

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Dreams in the attic

Natural fibers are once again present in this wonderful heavenly bedroom in an attic.

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The glamor of marble

In the wallpaper! Much cheaper and easy to maintain, of course ... But also, having dusty tones, it is very sweet and cozy. Would you put it in your bedroom?

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Nordic Essence

If you go indie roll but you don't want to give up warmth and comfort, take note of this bedroom in beige tones with natural details such as wood and plants.

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