6 Cleaning tips for summer ... Infallible!

6 Cleaning tips for summer ... Infallible!

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External tuning

Furniture. If your outdoor furniture is made of plastic, pass a cloth soaked in water and white vinegar. The wooden ones, clean them with water and neutral soap and carry out their annual treatment with protective oils. Those of vegetal fiber, accumulate the dust in the braid and the unions, with which you will have to pass a vacuum cleaner and then a sponge moistened in a mixture of water with salt. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

Wooden floors. It is necessary to nourish and protect them with oils twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn. In the day to day it will be enough to clean with water and neutral soap.

Ambiente, from House Doctor.

Paper lanterns Mix some water with a stream of white vinegar. Moisten a cloth and pass gently to avoid breaking the screen.

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Prepare your bag for this summer

Do you want your carrycot to look like the first day?

Jetta Bag, from Home.

Remove dust with the vacuum nozzle. Pass a cloth dampened with a solution of 1 l of water with 2 tablespoons of salt. You can add laundry detergent for difficult stains.

Perfect and effortless barbecue

Bauhaus barbecue.

Every time you use this device you must clean it to keep it in optimal condition and not to contaminate the food of your next celebration. Start by removing the ashes with a brush or broom. Next, clean the grills with a mixture of baking soda and water and rub with a hard fiber brush. You can also rub with an onion cut in half to remove the remains of the rack when it is still hot.

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Goodbye to smells

Dispenser, from House Doctor.

If your glass jar or jar smells bad, wash it with soap and water and then soak it overnight in a mixture of 5 grams of dried mustard and a liter of warm water. The next morning, rinse and go.

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Bright vases!

House vases.

If, when removing the flowers from your glass vase, you notice that it has lost brightness due to lime and green, prepare a mixture of warm water with white vinegar and fat salt. Rub the entire container with the help of a brush. Rinse, let it dry and it will glow.

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Bath without stains or lime

Due to its constant use and the inevitable passage of time, dirt and lime penetrate the bathtub and it becomes more difficult to remove them.

Zara Home accessories.

A very effective solution is to spread salt in the bathtub and rub the entire surface with a grapefruit cut in half; rinse. Once stains and lime are removed, you can bleach the toilet by preparing a solution with a glass of vinegar and two tablespoons of salt. Let stand overnight, spray and pass a soft sponge to avoid damaging the enamel.

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