A house with Lisbon flavor

A house with Lisbon flavor

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Situated In the city center Although far from the hustle and bustle, this house is located in a typical residential neighborhood and enjoys its calm and life. Historic cafes and terraces, grocery stores, small shops ... This apartment is in a 1940 building and retains the charm of the time with original moldings and wooden floors. The architect José Carlos Cruz mixes these architectural elements with a hearth with pieces of period furniture and some contemporary design classics.

A perfect place to discover the Portuguese city with calm and comfort because this apartment is rented seasonally in Flattered apartments.

Advertising - Keep reading below A rectangular living room

Not too narrow but complete, enough to meet and share moments in a common area of ​​the house.

Reading corner

At one end of the room, a bookcase and an armchair. The furniture has a seventies air.

The dinner room

The dining room is located after the living room.

The kitchen

In white and gray. The kitchen has natural light and the furniture in white enhances the luminosity. The furniture adapts to the shape of the floor, occupying all the walls.

A striking color note in the kitchen

A point of color: the blue of the ceiling lamp.

The hall

With an old console, a mirror and a table lamp.

In contrast, on the wall, a composition of current photographs.

View of the distributor hall

Along the corridor the doors that communicate with the different rooms are distributed.

The bedroom

As it is a house to rent, the furniture is basic and functional. As a closet, a clothes rack.

With natural light

The large window of the bedroom has been dressed with a light curtain.

With a lot of art on the walls

The walls of the whole house are dotted with framed sheets.

With two separate beds

In this bedroom you have opted for two separate beds and a dresser at the foot.

All in neutral tones

White and gray, neutral tones, which create a relaxed atmosphere.

General view of the double bedroom

General view of the double bedroom.

Master bedroom with window

Main room with window. Also here the basic furniture.

View of the wall in front of the headboard

View of the wall in front of the headboard with wooden dresser and an armchair.

The carpet detail

It covers the ground and gives warmth

Color note on the bedside tables

Table lamps put the color note in the bedroom.

View of the entrance to one of the bedrooms

View of the entrance to one of the bedrooms. The carpets warm the atmosphere and are not missing in any of the rooms on the reclaimed wooden floor.

The power of the mirror

The mirrors multiply the real surface of the rooms.

Abuse of light tones

Abuse of light tones to achieve a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness.

The typical tiled bathroom in the country

The typical tiles of the country sneak into the bathroom wall, in the bathtub area.

View of one of the bathrooms

View of one of the bathrooms with bathtub. All blank.

With geometric color

In another bathroom, the shower area is lined with colored geometric tiles. A pop note

View of the bathroom with shower

View of the bathroom with shower. All in white except the wall of the shower area.

A hallway with art

Shocking composition in the hall.


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