An open plan kitchen and rectangular layout

An open plan kitchen and rectangular layout

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On this floor an integral intervention was carried out to reorganize the spaces and achieve spacious and open rooms, as is the case with this kitchen, which opens directly to an area of office and communicates with the living room through an arched door without a leaf. White and light tones predominate on walls, ceilings, doors, furniture and countertops. Everything, carried out by Santos Maragall, distributor of the furniture firm Santos.

This kitchen has combined furniture finished in gray sand of minimalist lines, pure and simple, that fit with any style. In the area of ​​what will be the office As such, despite the breakfast bar area that incorporates the kitchen, the wall has been covered with rustic brick. On the floor, oak finish parquet.

Advertising - Keep reading below An articulated kitchen around a large central island

The kitchen is built around a large central island that houses the cooking, scrubbing and preparation areas. Here the countertop extends to a pillar, as a breakfast bar or fast food.

Access is through two openings without doors

Here you can see the pillar that indicates the beginning of the kitchen area itself. In the background, a composition of column cabinets that, in a small space, solves the location of appliances and storage.

Furniture in neutral tones, such as coverings

The kitchen furniture, laminated fronts, are the models Intra-L in sand gray and Silk in sand gray, by Santos. The enciemra is the model White textile, of Neolith.

A continuous and warm wood floor

The floor of the whole house is oak parquet, a finish that integrates and gives a sense of continuity extending from the kitchen the office and living room.

Pavement model Long LPU1662, of Quick Step.

A lot of warehouse capacity

In parallel to the island and bar area, an area with drawers with countertop that works as a breakfast area or additional work area.

Stools Not in lacquered white, from Ondarreta.

Island with plate and sink

This photograph shows what the office In the background, with natural light. There will be located the furniture that will complete the work area of ​​the kitchen, in direct connection.

Clear passage areas to facilitate work

The areas created in the kitchen with the furniture are designed to avoid unnecessary displacement during the preparation of a dish.

Online work zone

In the center of the kitchen is a large multifunction island that concentrates the areas of preparation, cooking and scrubbing, as well as integration and storage solutions.

Open to the office

The space around the island favors freedom of movement even when there are several people working in the kitchen at the same time.

This image shows the rustic brick wall seen that personalizes the office.

Access to the kitchen

View of the access to the kitchen.

Designs that favor order and visual balance

All furniture solutions, designed by Santos, favor the total integration of household appliances, of wood that everything looks collected and aesthetic. This detail is always important, but essential when the kitchen opens to other rooms of the house.

Column cabinets with appliances

In perpendicular to the island the composition of three column cabinets. In two meters the refrigerator, the oven, the microwave and several storage modules are integrated.

Furniture adapted to the floor

Attached to the front of the column furniture, a module with drawers adapts to the space under the window.

Microwave, refrigerator and oven, from Bosch.

Fronts that hide organizational and warehouse solutions

On the outer side of the island, large drawers and inside a sink module with waste bins and a plate holder module with drawers.

Interior organization

All modules have a millimeter internal organization to make the space profitable and facilitate the organization.

Built-in hood, continuous vision

The hood is embedded in the ceiling to avoid visual obstacles, thus achieving a lighter and more diaphanous environment.

Bell, from Pando.

Scrubbing zone

Sink detail. Model faucet Culina-S Mini, de Blanco, as well as the Andano model sink 500-U stainless

Smooth fronts

Detail of the front of the furniture.

From the dining room to the kitchen

Access is through two openings, which remain on the sides of the pillar.

Floor plan of the kitchen floor

Distribution plan of the kitchen with the furniture attached to the walls and the large central island.